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The R Series vertical spindle machining center with four-axis CNC controls is capable of machining extruded aluminum, light alloys, PVC and steel. Equipped with an automatic tool changer, the tool magazine can store six tools to drill, mill and thread, plus one slitter blade of 140 mm or 6 inches. Four clamps ensure precise clamping and workpiece and tooling lubrication by a pneumatic spray mist cooling system provide long tooling life and clean, low burr cuts. The rotation axis, by means of a rotating table, can be infinitely variable to any position electronically within 180º. This unit is capable of processing three work surfaces of profile in one set up. A grapical interface provides simplified programming.  


The Ameri-Can ATS450 automatic up-cut saw is designed for mass production. The single head cut off saw performs 90º cut with automatic raising up of the blade. The blade’s feeding is adjustable, and the automatic bar feeder is adjustable from 0 to 600mm. The saw comes standard with pneumatic clamping, a spray mist unit, air gun and air filter.

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The Erdman Hand Assist Glazing Table combines a state-of-the art servo control system with the supplier's fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant to products at speeds up to 30 inches per second. The machine control allows any operator to reliably and consistently apply a properly proportioned bead of sealant. Equipment is available to perform hot, cold or two-part glazing and can be setup for bead sizes from .060 to 1 inch in diameter. The tables reduce rejections and rework due to improper glazing and provide a noticeable reduction of waste and clean up.

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The Venezia CNC machining center, designed for milling and drilling aluminum PVC and light steel profiles, works with four and five axes, all controlled a by state-of-the-art control system, the supplier states. Offered in three size beds— 4,000, 7,000 and 9,000 mm—the machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer with 16 tools, as well as an automatic clamp positioning system. The user control panel comes with a 17-inch monitor, 80 GB hard disk capacity, two USB ports, mouse, and a USB keyboard. The programming language is an ISO standard, with an interface to Microsoft Windows XP Professional. The machine is programmed using the supplier’s ItalSoft visual CAD-CAM 3D. The supplier will also featuring the Roma entry level machine with three axes, plus one to work on three sides of a profile.

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Continuing to enhance its product offerings, Fom USA is introducing the Stack roll-forming machine for thermal break profiles. Designed to minimize set-up time and increase production efficiencies, it uses 11 CNC controlled axes. CNC-controlled functions include the horizontal and vertical movement of the pressure rollers, pitching correction roller and profile support rollers–eliminating manual adjustment found on other systems, the supplier notes. In addition, the unit features an over pressure system associated with a pressure intensifier that can be calibrated at intermediate pressures by means of a pneumatic pressure regulator. To complete the system, a PC with user-friendly interface is supplied as standard equipment for set up and storage of axis position settings, governing the 11 controlled axes, and for archiving daily and historical job details.

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Rather than re-inventing the wheel, Joseph Machine Co. has partnered with an Italian machinery manufacturer to offer cutting and fabrication solutions ranging from its own custom-built high production machinery to the more universal European style CNC machining centers in three-, four- and five-axes models, it reports. The supplier is not just reselling another company’s product, as the new machines are built to its own specifications with features designed for the American market, officials point out. The Joseph name goes on every machine and each is completely supported from its Pennsylvania plant.


In the coming months, Joseph also plans to introduce machines designed exclusively designed for the fabrication of fiberglass pultrusions.

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Mecal USA is demonstrating the MC 305 TM CNC four-axis machining center and its capability to machine three or more sides of a profile between ±90° with motorized tilting of the table. The unit can also work on ends of a profile to eliminate end milling. With a spindle speed of 18,000 rpm, the machine has three different vice positioning possibilities—manual positioning, positioning by spindle and motorized positioning—all accomplished by the CNC controller. The MC 305 can work on profiles up to 134.84 inches without indexing; but with the passthrough design—working off two pneumatic programmable stops at each end of the X- axis—it can work on profile lengths of 269 inches. The unit also offers Y- and Z- axis travel of 15.75 inches. The Mecal Mesoft CAD/CAM operating system is also said to be one of the most operator-friendly systems in the industry.

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Featuring a wide array of vinyl cutting, fabrication, welding and cleaning equipment, Stürtz is highlighting its latest line, the LinearPro Series. The company is bringing a LinearPro fabrication saw to its booth to show the high speed, linear motor driven feed system in action. This machine can be outfitted with different cut configurations for sash, pocket sill or sloped sill requirements. Fabrication options include the new Flying Bridge System which allows flexible, programmable fabrication to be performed concurrently with cutting and notching.  


The SMI-LinearPro 3D-Fab machining center accepts cut parts and performs all required fabrication for typical door systems. Pre-cut vinyl profiles and reinforcement are fully fabricated with only one operator. All fabrication is programmable and can be changed as the need arises. Both the fabrication saws and the machining center feature a linear motor driven feed system. This state-of-the-art system eliminates backlash and provides accurate, repeatable tolerances not available in any other fabrication system on the market. Custom fabrication requirements can be accommodated with fixed tools or with the Stürtz Flying Bridge.


In addition, Stürtz will display several of its proven pieces of equipment, it reports. The SMI-VSM-30/25PDS Vertical Four Point Welder with parallel welding and double stack notch capability will be exhibited. The smaller SMI-VSM-20/19CDS Compact Vertical Four Point Sash Welder will also be available for demonstrations. 


On the cleaning side, the SMI-CNC-2K-30-F twin head CNC frame corner cleaner will be in the booth. A fully programmable frame or sash corner cleaner designed to clean all internal and external surfaces, it uses custom interpolation software and a wide variety of optional knives to be one of the most versatile cleaners available. Finally, the company's twin head sash cleaner, the Model SMI-CNC-2K-18 will also be at the show. This sash cleaner is fully programmable and provides high speed, repeatable cleaning of most any sash profiler.

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The developer and supplier of a wide range of fabrication solutions for window, door, curtain wall and cladding system manufacturers, Tekna's product line ranges from punching machines, copy routers, multi spindle drilling desks, end milling machines, crimping machines, sealant machines, single ead cutting machines, and double miter saws to three-, four-, and five-axis machining centers. Tekna also provides consultancy to implement software connection to any of the existing fenestration software available in the market.  At GlassBuild in Atlanta, Tekna USA will present three new products.  The TK444 is a medium-size, four-axis machining center able to work on three sides of profiles with section dimensions within 11.8 x 11.8 inches. 



The TK446 and TK447 are the company's economical three-four axis machining centers, able to work on profiles with  working section within 10 x10 inches. Finally, the supplier is showing its TK804 series for companies looking for complete automated cutting and working lines.

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TThe Urban CC500 is a highly versatile fabrication saw for cutting and processing frame and sash lineals. It can be equipped with either a manual load system, an automatic pre-loader or a magazine style lineal indexing system. Any of the three different loading styles can handle lineals up to 21 feet in length. The equipment can perform virtually any fabrication (dimple, drill, route, punch, etc.) using its vast array of tools, which include CNC controlled tools on the fabrication bridge; vertical tools mounted under the lineals; horizontal tools from either the front or back of the saw; custom punches; saw blades for notch cutting sloped sill frames; and either pneumatic or CNC controlled saw blades.
The saw can be set up to suit virtually any application, including hungs and sliders, casements, patio doors, or tilt/turn windows.  

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The supplier recently assisted Columbus, Ohio-based Rosati Windows in securing a safety grant through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a custom-built window and door manipulator, it reports. The manipulator greatly improves the overall ergonomics in the assembly of products to help minimize future insurance claims, the company states. Rosasti's eligibility for the program allowed them to secure the grant with the OBWC paying 80 percent of the manipulator’s cost. Wakefield has helped numerous window and door manufacturers secure similar grants in other states, it notes. The company offers a complete line of glass and material handling equipment, lineal positioners, stretch-wrappers, saws and screen tables, as well as custom-designed solutions to meet a company’s specific needs.

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Quicker than powered tilters and almost as effortless to use, the Quadra-Tilt MTA4LP6FAC and MTA6LP6FAC vacuum lifters feature an innovative four-bar linkage that makes manual tilting easy, and lets a balanced load hang in either the upright or the flat position, without using latches, the company reports.  Specially designed for windows and doors, the tilters feature multi-position arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. Holes or defects in the load surface are easily avoided because vacuum pads can attach to virtually any location on the load. Moving and tilting of loads up to 300 lbs, the equipment's low unit weight lets the operator concentrate on controlling the load, rather than the lifter.  When lifted from an A-frame rack, the load automatically moves to the full upright position for transport. The tilt-assist linkage then lets the operator swing the load to the flat position with minimal effort. 


Some Quadra-Tilt models also feature manual rotation and are available with a G-Force Hoist Control option, which provides highly controlled hoisting capability. This option helps increase profitability by improving productivity, reducing product damage, and minimizing work-related injuries, the supplier states. The G-Force uses an industrial processor-controlled drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed, said to enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally, as if the device were an extension of their own arm.

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