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As the market demands bigger and heavier windows, traditional balances struggle to support their weight with easy operation. Amesbury's SuperBoost balance features a proven European design that has been refined and improved for the U.S. market. Offering more travel, ease of installation and adjustability, the line includes the F series, which carries sash weights up to 80 pounds and the K series which can support sash weights up to 120 pounds, the supplier reports. Balances are shipped pre-tensioned and can be field adjusted after installation without removal using a  flat head screwdriver. Positive reaction to the line has prompted Amesbury to continue developing new attachments for the wide variety of applications in the market, including side load attachments expected to be in production shortly.

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The Ultratech 5421 auto-tilt window system from Deco Products combines a locking system with a concealed tilt latch, while providing a stylish, low-profile look, the company states. Featuring “Lock,” “Open” and “Clean” engraved on the sash lock, the hardware fits windows ranging from 19 to more than 36 inches wide. Over 80 powder colors and nine plated finishes are available.

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The Loira+ two and three-leaf door hinge line, to be featured by Fapim in Atlanta, has been redesigned to deliver the advantages of previous versions with an increased ease of use, especially with regard to assembly and adjusting. The hinges allow independent adjustment horizontally, vertically and in the pressure on the gasket when the door is in the closed position. Compatible with all the accessories already available for the previous Loira and Loira Top versions, the line also includes a new fastening kit with special self-threaded screws. For use on thermal break profiles and non-thermal profiles, the line is manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles in a wide range of finishes. The hinges are compatible with the TF11 milling machine provided by Fapim, available with either manual or pneumatic vice, that enables fast and accurate machining for the assembly of two and three-leaf hinges.

Fapim will also show several other new products developed for the North American market, including the Fapim Terrace Door with multipoint locking system, and the Multy multipoint locking system for zero sight lines, and new adjustable rollers for sliding windows and doors.  In addition, the supplier offers a complete range for Euro-groove profiles such as the Galiplus 2 tilt and turn system available with both aluminum and polyamide transmission rods, as well as other hardware for aluminum, PVC, wood and aluminum clad profiles.  The range includes cremone bolts and window and door square pin handles, tilt-and-turn and tilt-before-turn systems, in/out swing opening hardware, components for curtain walls, flat handles and tilt opening components, latches, flush bolts and keepers, window and door hinges, anti-panic exit devices, automatic sealing systems for entry doors and machinery for light hardware components fabrication

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New non-corrosive, stainless-steel Hemisphere folding door mortise hinges feature a flush mount application, not only providing maximum movement and security, but bringing a new level of sophistication and aesthetics, the supplier explains.  From Interlock USA, the hinges are ideal for 2¼ inch wood flat-panel folding doors with openings in excess of 45 feet wide and up to 10 feet in height, and can accommodate doors that weigh up to 165 pounds per panel. The door hardware is available in a range of durable finishes to complement all furniture styles, from classic to contemporary.

After introducing the first and only magnetic sash lock to the market in 2007, Interlock USA has invented a versatile platform solution available for all applications. The Impulse magnetic lock incorporates a contact-less magnetic trigger that eliminates upper sash drag and minimizes opening forces, making it the perfect solution for double-hung windows, the supplier states. The strong Cam-Bolt design hooks in behind the strike like a camlock for added security and load performance, while the flexible locking platform can be surface mounted or recessed and applied to wood, vinyl or aluminum windows. A true indication security feature allows homeowners to identify by sight if the lock has been triggered and the window is locked.
One-Motion operation provides for flexible actuation and many styling options. A detent feature offers convenient operation, and a contact-less magnetic trigger eliminates the potential for damage to grilles on divided lites.

Combining modern aesthetics and maximum performance, KFV magnetic locks provide an innovative solution is ideal for sophisticated upscale swing doors, as the latch is practically invisible in line with the lock case when the door is open. With a simple operating principle, the latch is drawn into the striking plate and secured in place by a magnet as the door is closing. Not only sophisticated in appearance, the lock has minimum cleaning requirements and subtle acoustics. Due to its magnetic actuation, the latch does not create a sound when locking the door. The lock also offers the option to avoid using a striker plate with a latch guide, thereby enhancing the appearance of flush-closing doors, and also reducing assembly costs and wear, the supplier notes.

Nova casement locking hardware offers  flexibility, optimized security, and safe transport. This single- and multi-point locks solution feature a removable handle and cover to allow for quick and easy installation while eliminating the potential for shipping damage. The removable components are offered separately to minimize inventory cost and are available in both metal and composite options.  The  lock bars feature unique mushroom-shaped roller pins to minimize contact friction while their adjustability provides maximum seal compression and security, ensuring the smooth, trouble-free operation and safety expected from a high-end locking product. A unique self-locating guide improves performance while minimizing cost. These new guides are designed to simplify installation and utilize the window structure to maximize support. The locks complement the supplier's casement hardware line, which includes an operator system featuring all-stainless-steel components and accessories as well as split arm, single arm and awning options; and an all-stainless-steel hinge system featuring a full-pivot design to eliminate sliding friction, and specially designed geometry to ensure maximum seal contact.

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Having made a conscious choice to eliminate all heavy metals from its proprietary composite formula, Lawrence Industries is promoting its complete line of lead-free sash locks in a variety of colors and hole patterns for the window industry. Pointing to known risks associated with products containing lead, the supplier states that manufacturers using its hardware do not have to give up anything in terms of performance, strength or durability. Noting that its products have been tested and approved from DP-50 through impact, the company points out that the hardware offers an environmentally safe option for customers producing “green” windows. Products are corrosion-proof and will not chip or scratch. The color is molded in, is colorfast and UV resistant. Its booth will feature a representative from Lead Check, conducting free inspections and providing demonstrations daily.

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Lockmaster multipoint locks, said to be the leading brand in the UK, will make their North American debut at GlassBuild America. From Paddock Fabrications, the new North American line, available in both 6 foot 8 inch and 8 foot sizes, are manufactured with stainless steel faceplates in one-, two- and four- hook models, as well as complimentary inactive models for double door applications. Key features of the system include a quick change reversible latch, adjustable striker set option and center hook deadbolt. Available from North American distributors, the line also includes a variety of trim sets in a range of finishes, with various designs of lever and back plates.

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New concealed hardware for tilt/turn windows provides optimum security and unprecedented aesthetics, the supplier states.  From Siegenia-Aubi, concealed  hinges make an altogether better looking window and allow for more glass area with  frames as narrow as 10 mm, creating an extremely light and spacious atmosphere. Flexible and designed to meet a wide range of specifications, the hardware can be fitted in profile applications with both 9 and 13 mm axes and features three-way adjustment and an integral adjustable turn restrictor. Including low-wear bearings for all moving parts and an integral turn limiter at 90˚, the hardware provides superior stability even at high sash weights.

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The new Positive Action Lock (PAL) is said to be one of the most versatile and easy to operate locking systems in the marketplace today. Available in the original “push button” design and now the new “slide tab” design, these lock systems for sliding windows automatically locks, securing the window without having to manipulate the lock again. From Truth Hardware, the lock offers a unique snap-on cover which provides for more aesthetic possibilities and reduces material costs. The lock offers visual security and a smart design that is both simple and reliable and requires less effort to trigger, the supplier states.

Designed to be simpler and better, the new Marvel Power Operator system for windows and skylights features a sleek new design that that is simple to install and easy to operate. The reliable and affordable operator is rated to lift skylight sash weighing up to 90 lbs. The hardware operates from a standard 110 volt household current (no transformer required).

The Nexus Lock System, the latest in two-point and multipoint lockset options from Truth Hardware for sliding patio doors, combines both versatility and easy installation.  Available in flush mount, face mount or recessed configurations, the Nexus two-point locking system utilizes two opposing locking points that offers an intuitive single point of horizontal adjustment for the reach of the lock hooks. While the two-point version is available in steel or stainless steel the multi-point model with three locking points is offered in stainless steel as standard. Designed to help customers meet AAMA and CAWM forced entry requirements, the Nexus two-point version can exceed 2,800 lbs of pulling force and the multi-point system exceeds 3,000 lbs.

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Vision Industries is showcasing the unique dual-action design of its 1761 vent stop that conforms to the window fall prevention code, the supplier reports. It will also show feature the 7200 Series snap-in tilt latch that can help window manufacturers achieve DP ratings previously unattainable from conventional routed-in tilt latches, it states. The supplier offers a full line of window and door hardware to meet a wide variety of production needs.

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