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Making its debut at GlassBuild America, the Glass-Chek Pro measures glass and airspace thickness of single, double & triple pane windows from a single side. The new laser device offers numerous improvements and features over EDTM's  previous offering, the company notes, including applications involving tinted and reflective glass plus triple pane windows. An all-inclusive low-E coating detector is also planned in the design, allowing the user to identify all of the low-E coating surfaces in a window, and measure them from a single side. Other improvements include expanded thickness ranges, accuracies, and the ability to identify suspended film applications in windows. The product is designed  for window replacement  field service professionals, as well as quality control technicians within the window factory.


The SK1740 sales kit features the Window Energy Profiler the energy performance of operable windows that are already installed in the field. The device allows users to open the window and slide the energy meter over the profile of the window sash. The instrument simultaneously shows the estimated SHGC value of the window, along with the UV, visible light, and near infrared transmission values, the supplier reports. The product can be used for evaluating the performance of existing windows in a home in order to illustrate the necessity for new replacement windows. The kit also includes heat lamps and surface temperature guns to offer a sensory side to the presentation, allowing customers to feel the energy performance of a product, providing a two-pronged, easy-to-understand presentation for potential customers.

Booth #2017 | 419/861-1030 | www.edtm.com


The new Hemisphere retractable insect screen is engineered to seamlessly integrate with modern window and door applications, giving homeowners a superior alternative to permanently installed flat screens. The pleated screens are used only when the window or door is open, providing uninterrupted views to the outside. For use on folding doors, sliding doors and French doors, as well as various window solutions, it is said to be the only pleated screen designed to be integrated into window and door applications.  Independent of a framing system, the screen comes supplied as a kit, and can be fitted within minutes, the supplier states. It is capable of spanning an opening 15 feet wide (single-unit application) or 30 feet wide when using double screens. The screen can accommodate applications up to 8 feet high with taller options to come. Features include stainless steel bearings at all wear points, polypropylene UV-stable pleated Italian mesh for durability, and low-stretch Dyneema cords with a cord anchor system for extra strength. The screen system is available in black anodized aluminum for understated elegance and high corrosion resistance. 

877/852-8808 І www.interlockna.com



The manufacturer of window and patio door screens is presenting a new extruded latching window screen. For double hung windows, the screen securely latches into place upon closing. The screen frame has a wall thickness of 0.040 inch and features Ritescreen's unique staked corners to build strength and eliminate gaps at the miters, it notes. Shapes with an integral stop leg, latch and interior wool pile are available. With over 50 years of experience in serving the window and door industry, the company reports it is the largest manufacturer of window screens and patio door screens in the United States, producing over 30,000 units per day, operating six plants strategically located across the country to provide quick service and immediate delivery to our customers.

800/949-4174 | www.ritescreen.com 



The supplier of vinyl bending equipment is now offering a program to provide window manufacturers with the know-how to produce architectural shapes. Available even to companies that have not purchased a Witte Bending System, the service allows the company's skilled technicians to share the company's 25 plus years experience with a manufacaturer's team.  The supplier is offering training with its technicians at its facility, or will send its skilled technicians to visit a manufacturer's facility to provide instruction on bending techniques, while in production.  It is also offering a detailed instructional DVD covering the bending process on a step-by-step basis, with additional tricks of the trade.

905/678-2397 | www.witte-na.com


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