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The FeneVision Line Scanner helps glass processors consistently find a high percentage of glass defects, detecting fingerprints, scratches, chips, bubbles and other defects before they hurt a business, the supplier states. The unit, which operates at speeds up to 6,000 feet per hour, can be installed anywhere in the production process in either a vertical or horizontal position and can operate as an independent application or integrated with your manufacturing system. It can also verify unit size and shape, providing accurate measurements to automated sealing robots or other downstream equipment.

The FeneVision Virtual Digitizer uses a digital camera to take a picture of a custom shape. Software is then used to digitize the shape and convert it to a file format that can be used on the shop floor. Said to be easy to use and ore accurate and affordable than traditional digitizing boards, it features a calibrated lens that removes distortion. The digitizer system operates standalone or integrates with FeneTech software applications.

FeneVision SCAD is said to be an easy to use CAD software application specifically designed for non-standard glass shapes. The software eliminates the need for AutoCAD and the steep learning curve associated with it. It supports multiple layers and generation of different output formats for each layer to provide easy interface to shop floor machinery. 

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Order and quotation enablement is critical to the success of make‐to‐order, highly configurable product manufacturing. Friedman Frontier supports automated, integrated processing of complex orders and quotes by geographically‐dispersed dealers and distributors with two different options. The first, Frontier PowerBids, relies on client‐server technology and data synchronization to enable electronic order specification and quotation, anywhere from the dealer showroom to the most geographically remote customer locations. Almost equally flexible in supporting remote orders and quotations, Frontier e‐Quote relies on Internet (wired or wireless) connectivity technology to ensure real‐time access to and transmission of data, thus enabling superior accuracy, timeliness, responsiveness, and order‐to‐delivery cycle time. Optimized for different technical and operational environments, both systems allow customized, electronic sales‐documents to be generated with accurate pricing, product, and graphical data; enable complex order and configuration data to be shared between the factory and the field can be transferred electronically without the need to reenter and validate orders; and provide the manufacturer control of pricing and product changes which can be distributed to the field on a net‐change basis, providing support for rapid product deployment and flexible marketing promotions.

iSchedule, a browser-based production and capacity planning tool, can be used to schedule the entire manufacturing facility. The system enables manufacturers to effectively plan assembly lines, feeder cells and sub-assembly areas to efficiently move work orders through the plant. It allows access to the latest set of customer orders, requiring no batch processing of work order backlog.The scheduler is able to view and manipulate up to and including the most recently processed sales orders entered by customer service. With its range of features and capabilities, iSchedule allows production planners to effectively reduce lead times, avoid bottlenecks, and efficiently develop production plans, the supplier states.


Frontier iDispatch is a browser-based shipment planning and execution tool used to schedule all types of shipments from the manufacturer to the customer. The system supports all modes of planned shipment, including the manufacturer’s own truck fleet, as well as LTL and common carrier shipments. The scheduler can make use of a definable setup tool to specify how truck loads should be planned. Data such as trailer capacity, allowed number of deliveries per load, and total delivery time are just a few of the variables available to the scheduler to plan loads. It can also be dynamically linked with stop planning software. Consolidated load lists created by the system allow manufacturers to plan their pick and load process also.

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While other applications are almost exclusively focused on production, PrefSuite integrates quotations and orders with the entire ERP process driving the order through the plant, the supplier state. The integrated suite of applications cover the entire operation, including product development and design, order entry (in house or Web), production scheduling/line loading and capacity planning, materials management and purchasing, shipping and more. A just-In-time based manufacturing system with automated scheduling ensures the best of both worlds while maximizing a company’s ROI. The system can help users reduce overall lead times, greatly reduce order entry and shop floor errors, improves productivity and cost efficiency, as well as drive higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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The CenterPoint field-based quoting and order-entry module is used to generate quick, accurate, and professional-looking quotes for customers. Quotes will include to-scale drawings of each window or door. The software serves as the central repository for cataloging options and pricing for a product line. It can help a company improve its sales by providing access to business metrics to analyze what is quoted versus what is ordered. Dealers can manage their own sales forces through margin control, permissions, and other features. CenterPoint can be used throughout all of a manufacturer's sales channels, with functionality available to support direct sales, tract builders, installation, dealers, and two-step customers.


Maximizing remodeling and replacement business is the key to growth in a weak housing market. WTS Paradigm Renovation can be the driving force in helping a company automate and streamline its renovation processes. The software tools help  organize contacts through seamless integration to CRM systems, schedule installations, and track and manage quote to cash work flow. Some of the features include workflow management, resource scheduling with service and installation, and in-home selling tools. Increasing efficiency by allowing a customer service staff to more easily manage its tasks throughout the day and resulting in lower costs to process orders, the software also improves the customer’s experience by providing a professional in home quote both quickly and accurately.

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