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Winchester PD, new in the Renolit Exofol IN line, is a medium dark oak with a beautiful realistic design, designed to provide the perfect compliment to the Winchester PA lighter natural oak already popular in the series, the supplier states. Other woodgrains in the laminate film line include Amati PD, a medium walnut; Calvados C, a natural cherry; Calvados K, a medium maple and Ontario PM, a blonde, hard rock maple. Designed to enhance the look of the interior of window frames made of PVC, fiberglass, aluminum, composite and more, the films feature a special UV-cured, scratch-resistant lacquer that protects the surface during manufacturing, transport, installation, and through through the life of the product for the homeowner, the supplier reports. A multi-step print process provides for an extremely realistic look, and a pearl type finish that is far less glossy and offers a much more soft appearance that shadows beautifully on the profile detail, the company also points out.

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The Series 8000 RestorationPro, an all welded, multi-cavity, 3¼-inch window platform which can hold a 1-inch IG pack, is designed to meet the needs of specialty dealers and the commercial markets. From Chelsea Building Products, the window system is feature rich and performs exceedingly well thermally and structurally. A unique sash design can accommodate integral lock and tilt latch hardware, internal blinds and SDL bars. The system offers an H-LC 50 structural rating and has been impact tested to provide unmatched versatility, according to the supplier. Available for new construction and replacement markets, the line includes double hung, slider and picture window designs.


The DuraGard XT combines an innovative frame with a classic styled sash platform in an all-welded system, that includes new construction and replacement frames in double hung, horizontal slider and picture window models. Upgradable to 1-inch glazing, windows can be constructed to meet R-5 thermal performance standards. The system offers an R-50 structural rating and has also completed impact tests. The frame has a unique stepped/beveled appearance and a full complement of accessories. The sash incorporates the structural and thermal performance of Therma-Core composite reinforcement.

The vinyl extruder is also introducing Chelsea’s Information Portal or ChIP, developed to provide customers with a convenient way to order product and access information. With web-based 24/7 access, the system provides secure access to product information, invoicing, shipment information and order history. The system is personalized to the customer’s company, products and technical information requirements.

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Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements offer a better-performing alternative to aluminum reinforcements for PVC windows and door profiles.  Containing 20 percent bio-based resins, the product is the result of a collaboration between Deceuninck North America and polyurethane resin manufacturer Bayer MaterialScience LLC. Designed to offer the same strength and durability of aluminum, the composite offers superior thermal performance, which helps manufacturers achieve improved energy efficiency ratings, according to the supplier. Moreover, it is structural and flexible at the same time. Under impact, it retains its form and shape compared to metal reinforcements, according to the company. 

The Revolution tilt/turn window system features a seven-chamber thermal structure, the Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements, and multifunctional operability and has the capability of achieving an R-value of more than 7, as well as a C-50/DP-80 rating, the supplier reports. With a Euro-influenced design, the window offers minimal frame and sash sightlines and provides maximum daylight area, as well as taking full advantage of today’s high-performance glass technologies. The product line also includes installation accessories for the North American market and is complete compatibility with the most popular North American door systems.

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Specializing in exterior-grade films for vinyl profiles, the Hornschuch Group is featuring its skai cool colors and synthetic pigments designed to address heat build up and wide temperature fluctuations that have caused problems for coated surfaces in the past. The product line reflects up to 80 percent of the near infrared range portion of sunlight to reduce the heating of surfaces by 20 percent or more, the company reports. The cool colors films, offered in a variety of colors and finishes, result in significantly improved application properties and greater durability.

The supplier also offers cool colors plus technology, designed to meet the utmost temperature challenges. The surface of window or door profiles can reach temperatures of up to 200° F when exposed to direct sunlight in some applications, the supplier notes. Using cool colors plus, profiles reflects more than 80 percent of radiation in the infrared range, regardless of the color of the coated base material, it states. This is said to represent a substantial decrease in the heat absorbed compared to conventional films in black brown on dark backgrounds that reflects just 20 percent of sunlight. This is achieved in the film with a third, special bottom layer in white. The pigments used in the colored PVC middle layer are designed to maximize infrared transparency to fully exploit the reflective properties of the underlying, white base film, the firm explains.

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A global supplier of insulating glass components, extrusions and fenestration products, Quanex Building Products Corp. has strategically aligned Mikron, Truseal Technologies, Edgetech I.G. and Homeshield with the goal of furthering the fenestration industry through high-performance products, creative marketing support, technical services and the expertise necessary to help customers grow their businesses in the competitive marketplace. Subject-matter experts will be on-hand at its GlassBuild booth to discuss challenges and opportunities currently affecting fenestration companies. The booth will also feature integrated high-performance window and door systems, including energy-efficient IG components, extrusions and fenestration components.

One product being featured is MikronWood, a next generation composite material that combines the beauty of wood with the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of vinyl or fiberglass. The composite framing material also offers superior resistance to thermal conductivity with k-values that are 63 percent better than wood and 83 percent better than fiberglass, the supplier reports.


By combining the EnergyCore frame and Duralite spacer, window manufacturers can create a window with reduced thermal conductivity of up to 45 percent and achieve an R-5 rating with a triple-pane glass configuration, Quanex reports. The performance is with an insulating material coextruded into the vinyl frame and by eliminating metal and replacing more than 60 percent of the spacer profile with air space. New additions to the EnergyCore product line will also be introduced at GlassBuild, including single-hung and slider options.

Also on display will be the ImperiClad moisture-impervious door frame system. It combines MikronWood trim, a water-shedding threshold with unique energy-efficient, weather-stripped jambs.

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The contract roll forming company specializes in production of profiles for approximately 18 industries, including the window and door industry. Tool-free options include pre-painted aluminum cladding, nail fin, vinyl window stiffeners, sliding door track, hinge bead; screen frame, spacer and muntin. A security screen frame product line includes single wing, double wing, and mainframe components designed for use primarily in HUD housing construction. Samson’s engineering staff has designed, developed and engineered tooling for more than 2,100 roll formed shapes, ranging in complexity from simple angles and channels to more exotic profiles requiring multi-stage operations, the company reports. As a custom roll former, it can provide profiles needed to meet exact specifications, whether it is a certain gauge, a particular type of metal, or finish, including galvanized and powder coated. Stamping, bending, parting, and assembly are some of the other services offered.

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