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Hotver 2000, a one-component, hot-melt butyl sealant for insulating glass, was featured by Fenzi North America in Atlanta. A mixture of butyl rubbers and synthetic polymers, the product runs on standard hot-melt pumping equipment. It sets quickly, allowing for quick delivery of IG units, and comes in black, the supplier reports. The company also showed its Thiover polysulphide and Butylver polyisobutylene, and Molver desiccant. Among other Fenzi offerings are AluPro aluminum and RollTech chromatech warm-edge steel spacers for the IG manufacturing process.

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Mill-finish and painted low-profile bendable spacer bars in aluminum and stainless steel were showcased by Helima Helvetion International Inc. Its Nirotec product line is the only painted warm-edge stainless steel spacer that is not post painted, according to the exhibitor. Helima also offers contour muntin bar systems in woodgrains and solid colors, as well as a two-color option. The muntin bar comes in a protective wrap. Helima’s products are made using high frequency welding technology and specific alloys to achieve excellent bendability and dimensional tolerances, it points out.

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The ClimaGuard family of residential glass products provide comfort, security and energy savings with products designed for the varying needs of different climates. Among the recent developments featured by Guardian Industries include ClimaGuard IS, a family of fourth surface coated low-E glasses. ClimaGuard IS-15 and IS-20 help meet new codes and Energy Star standards without the use of argon gas or a third glass lite, while giving window makers easy fabrication options, according to the manufacturer.

ClimaGuard 62/27 coated glass incorporates a third layer of silver to block more heat or retain more warmth, the company states. It also reduces the amount of harmful UV rays, down to 5 percent of that generated by the sun to extend the life of woodwork, carpets and furnishings.

Guardian also demonstrated its ClimaGuard Glass Finder.  The online tool allows users to input various glass performance attributes and delivers a list of appropriate glass products offered by the manufacturer.

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Solarban 72 Starphire glass is a solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance, exceptional clarity and superior solar control performance. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, it offers visible light transmittance approximating that of Solarban 60 Starphire glass, yet it offers 25 percent better solar control, the manufacturer states. Solarban 72 Starphire glass has solar control characteristics that are similar to those of Solarban 70XL glass, said to be the industry’s first triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass, but it transmits 11 percent more natural light.

Another PPG display showed the company's technology that helps dual-pane residential insulating glass units achieve R-5 center-of-glass performance. The PPG dual-coat technology incorporates one pane of 3 mm Solarban 70XL glass on the #2 surface of an IG unit and one 3-millimeter pane of Sungate 500 glass with the coating on the #4 surface, separated by a ½-inch of argon-filled space. The configuration generates a winter nighttime U-value of 0.20 at the center of the glass, providing insulating performance that is better than or equal to any competing dual-pane IGU on the market, according to the company.

PPG also distributed a new 24-page white paper comparing the energy and environmental performance of its Solarban R100 glass to three other leading neutral-reflective, low-e glasses. Incorporating a proprietary hybrid coating technology, the glass has visible light transmittance of 42 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23. The resulting 1.79 light-to-solar gain ratio is said to be up to 29 percent greater than that of competing neutral-reflective, solar control, low-E glasses.

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A global supplier of insulating glass components, extrusions and fenestration products, Quanex Building Products Corp. has strategically aligned Mikron, Truseal Technologies, Edgetech I.G. and Homeshield with the goal of furthering the fenestration industry through high-performance products, creative marketing support, technical services and the expertise necessary to help customers grow their businesses in the competitive marketplace. The company featured subject-matter experts at its GlassBuild booth to discuss challenges and opportunities currently affecting fenestration companies. The booth also featured integrated high-performance window and door systems from many of its customers that incorporate its energy-efficient IG components, extrusions and fenestration components.


By combining the EnergyCore frame and Duralite spacer, window manufacturers can create a window with reduced thermal conductivity of up to 45 percent and achieve an R-5 rating with a triple-pane glass configuration, Quanex reports. The performance is achieved with an insulating material coextruded into the vinyl frame and by eliminating metal and replacing more than 60 percent of the spacer profile with air space.

With the acquisition of Edgetech earlier this year, Quanex will also feature Super Spacer dual-seal warm edge spacer systems in its booth. The foam spacer product is backed by more than 20 years of field performance in commercial and residential applications worldwide, with an all-foam construction that provides superior thermal performance, condensation resistance and long-term durability, the supplier states.

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The range of standard TGI-Spacer widths now extends from 6.35 mm (0.25 inches) to 25.4 mm (1 inch). The hybrid spacer system, incorporating high-performance polymer and low conductivity stainless steel, delivers superior sightline temperatures, condensation resistance and U-Factors that meet or exceed existing energy codes, the company reports. Providing structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal in both residential and commercial applications, the warm-edge spacer also provides exceptional argon retention; easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; and corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes, the supplier also points out. Several color options are available for a variety of market needs.

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