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The Speed’cut cutting table for dynamic shape cutting with maximum precision is being shown by Bystronic Glass in Atlanta. The machine performs accurate cutting of rectangles and complex shapes, excellent acceleration, and a top cutting speed of 984 feet per minute, due to linear drive technology, the supplier states. The product’s modular concept allows customers to set up custom systems. Designed for economical and reliable 24-hour, 7-day-a-week operation, the cutting table features modern control with statistical data tools, and up to a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption, according to a company.

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Designeed to greatly enhance the accuracy and speed of spacer application, the Erdman IG Flexible Spacer Applicator is a fully automated unit with a horizontal design to integrate with existing IG equipment. In addition to providing consistent spacer application, the unit performs notching for positive grid placement and inserts gas fill holes, while protective adhesive film is automatically rolled onto the machine for easy removal and disposal. Glass can be fed out directly to the Erdman IG Secondary Sealer or any other work station.


The Erdman Fixed Head IG Secondary Sealer gives an operator the ability to easily apply a professional, high quality, consistent secondary seal to insulating glass units, the supplier states. A glass unit is positioned in front of the stationary sealant applicator, then the operator passes the glass from left to right through the applicator. The spacer is measured by a depth probe. The machine applies sealant based on the speed at which the glass is being moved by the operator and the height and depth of the spacer, the company explains. When the operator gets to the corner, the glass is rotated 90⁰ and the process is repeated until all sides are sealed. The machine offers cycle Times Up to 50 percent faster than hand gunning—not including time saved on scraping or unit clean-up, while providing a seal that rivals an expensive fully-automated machine, it is reported.


The Hand Assist Glazing Table features a servo control system and Erdman’s Fluid Metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant at speeds up to 30 inches per second. The machine controls allow almost any operator to reliably and consistently apply a properly proportioned bead of sealant, the company states. The tables are available to perform hot, cold or two-part glazing and can be set-up for bead sizes from .060 up to .50 inches in diameter. The machine reduces waste up to 85 percent and clean up as much as 95 percent, as well as rejections due to improper bedding/glazing.

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The pneumatically-powered Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator precisely counterbalances heavy loads to allow an operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer product with precision, the supplier states. To be featured by Haeco in Atlanta, the unit is available in three different models offering load capacities of 330 pounds, 550 pounds and 880 pounds, with a working radius of 20 feet. The Friendly adapts to the operator's preferred working height and position, allowing loads to be smoothly and progressively positioned and placed during assembly, suspended for further processing, or simply transferred from one location to another. Once suspended, a product can be moved manually or under power with the simple, intuitive control console allowing adjustment of the counterbalance force, rotation, tilt, braking and parking. The unit can be mounted on a column, overhead, on tracks, wheeled, or with a free standing, fork-truck transportable base. The Friendly costs less than an average worker's compensation back-injury claim, according to the company.

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Offering one-piece lean flow cooling and gas filling insulating glass units, the OptiGas 1000 system reduces gas costs up to 70 percent, trims errors and labor costs, and precisely fills air spaces with tunable gas ratios, the supplier states. Joining the single station OptiGas 500, the new unit features an automated carousel with a customizable number of stations that enables the equipment to be designed for practically any line speed, cooling requirement or gas filling combination. Using a unique fill process, the machine allows manufactures to know exactly how much gas is in each unit, and for companies that use krypton alone or with argon, the machine essentially eliminates krypton waste, which is typically about 50 percent, according to the supplier.  From Integrated Automation Systems, the equipment will be featured in the booth of Praxair, which offered input into the product development process.  The systems use a single nozzle per airspace to fill argon, krypton or both. The OptiGas 500 and each station on the OptiGas 1000 typically have six nozzles each. OptiGas uses open and standards based software and can be run standalone or integrated with any production control or ERP system.

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The supplier of insulating glass and glass cutting equipment is featuring the BSV-45ANK fully automated spacer-frame bending system at GlassBuild. The new Lisec unit offers shorter bending cycles and automatic processing of various spacer materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastic.
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VersaDrum piston pump bulk melters from Nordson Corp. deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives for IG production, the supplier states. Piston pumps provide constant pressure with variable flow, making them ideal for intermittent dispensing applications. The melters offer quick, easy installation on linear extruders as well as most other edge sealers. An open design on the high-pressure melter supports high viscosity materials and the large volume outputs required in secondary sealing of IG units. To be featured at GlassBuild, the VersaDrum melters also support manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use.

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