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The Quadra L1 CNC 12-axis machining center is designed to perform milling, drilling and cutting operations on aluminium and light alloys. With an automatic tool magazine and a thrust feed system using a profile clamping gripper drive for profiles sized up to 7,500 mm, the feeder returns to its initial position thus allowing the loader to prepare the next profile at the same time. The CNC 4-axis milling module is equipped with up to 6 electro-spindles and enables the whole contour of the workpiece to be machined, however it is oriented. The CNC 3-axis cutting module uses a 600 mm blade, with down stroking movement. The machine also features an automatic outfeed unit leading from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit is made up of a magazine with transverse belts for unloading machined workpieces with a length of up to 4,000 mm (7,500 mm optional). The machining unit can be fitted with a cabin soundproofing the central operational part, which not only protects the operator but also reduces the acoustic impact on the environment. | 201/935-0200




The RoboClean (RC‐1000) vinyl cleaning system represents the first major change in the ideology of cleaning vinyl windows and doors in over 20 years, according to GED.  Making its debut at GlassBuild, the corner cleaner is said to integrate automation technologies that have been used effectively for years in markets where high volume, high quality, safety and precision are top priorities. Applying robotic technology to the window and door industry allows for new profiles to be added with ease; complete cleaning all the way into corners with no need for touch-ups; consistent, repeatable movements; multiple angles of attack and presentation of tools at unique and previously unattainable angles, the supplier reports. Providing a high level of flexibility, the unit's Star Hub rotates to present tools at multiple angles and the reach of the robotic arm enables tools to clean the square from underneath and off the corners.  Working at speeds 10 to 15 percent faster than current technologies, the machine also delivers improved quality as tools are no longer limited to step movements, 'chatter' is eliminated on contoured surfaces, and tools are engaged to the profile at the optimum angle no matter what the contour of the profile.   The RC‐1000 is part of a new family of robotic cleaners that will also be offered in twin head or four head configurations.

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Unlike other systems that require multiple machines for knurling, insertion and crimping, the MC-730 Zipper thermal break insertion machine combines all three processes into one machine to save valuable floor space, labor costs and time. Designed for longer production runs, the machine features the same Automatic Compensating Knurling and Crimping System as Pro-Line Automation’s CNC Zipper to insure maximum shear strength. Innovative preset tooling aligns the strut for insertion while virtually eliminating scrap from the set up process, it is noted. Built in North America, the machine is designed to be less complicated, occupy less floor space and require fewer operators than current offerings from Europe, the supplier states.

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With 2,000 square feet of exhibit space, Stürtz Machinery showcased a range of cutting, welding and cleaning equipment for vinyl fenestration products. The latest addition to the supplier’s LinearPro Series of saws, the SMI-LP-DM90-F Automated Miter Saw with Inline Fabrication will be featured. The machine combines the same accuracy and high speed operation of other LinearPro machines, with such new features as automatic blade angle adjustment to either 45° or 90° based on the profile ID, simplified fixture changes to allow efficient processing of multiple profiles and two fabrication tool configurations based on customer need for speed or flexibility in processing. Stürtz also demonstrated vertical four point welders and a twin head CNC corner cleaner for both frame and sash.

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