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Exhibiting with its partner Hegla, the Bystronic Glass booth featured a new cutting machine. The two firms also displayed a variety of handling devices, designed to improve efficiency in the factory and significantly improve on operator safety.

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Featured at GlassBuild America, the Erdman 400 Series Spacer Applicator works with all flexible spacer systems applying the spacer straight with true 90⁰ degree corners. Designed for low-cost insulating glass production, the line requires minimal operator training and no data input for standard operation, yet it increases IG unit quality through consistent spacer offset from edge of glass which in turn ensures the desired amount of secondary sealant is applied, the supplier explains. Eliminating operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries, the applicator also increases productivity due to consistently quick cycle times. The unit also provides for significantly reduced waste of spacer when compared to typical manual applications.


The supplier also demonstrated its Fixed Head IG Secondary Sealer, a simple and economical stationary sealant application system designed to give operators the ability to easily apply a professional, high quality, consistent secondary seal to insulating glass units. The unit offers cycle times up to 50 percent faster than hand gunning, not including time saved on scraping or unit clean-up, the company notes.  Providing a consistent, quality seal with all four corners are completely packed, the machine pays for itself by reducing overfill, excess purging, IG clean-up and eliminating underfill.  The unit can be configured for dual and triple pane units in one pass.


The Erdman Hand Assist Glazing/ Back Bedding Table offers a state of the art servo control system utilizing the supplier's fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant at speeds up to 30 inches per second. This machine control allows almost any operator to reliably and consistently apply a properly proportioned bead of sealant. The equipment is available to dispense hot, cold or two-part sealants and can be setup for bead sizes from .060 to .50 inches in diameter.  Reducing waste up to 85 percnet and clean up as much as 95 percent, the table also reduces rejections due to improper bedding/glazing, according to the supplier.

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A new upgrade kit enables manufacturers using Intercept IG equipment from GED Integrated Solutions to now run energy-efficient Intercept Ultra and cost-effective ThinPlate on one machine. The switch can be done in just seconds and with no tools required, according to the supplier. The kit includes Ultra-quick change tooling for corner and tab stations, new crimp fingers and tab hold-down blocks compatible with both Ultra and ThinPlate and a full set of corner/tab shims which bring the feeder press to the latest recommended adjustment methods. Semi-automated options are available for Intercept users.

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The Lisec HWM washing machine has been especially designed to wash glass lites with all types of sensitive coatings, glass sheets coated after the washing process, as well as laminated glass and tempered glass with good planarity. Thanks to its intelligent design, the line provides easy maintenance, noise reduction and energy savings, the supplier states. Lisec also featured a new cost-efficient glass cutting table for cutting float and laminated glass.

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