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FeneVision neo, the latest generation of software from Fenetech, features an ultra-modern user interface to enhance functionality, the supplier reports. Designed for window and door manufacturers, entry door manufactures, sunroom manufacturers, glass processing companies, and companies doing all these operations under one single roof, the completely integrated software includes full purchasing and inventory control, as well as quote and order handling with modes for customers as well. Capabilities include e-commerce, customer individual capacity and production planning, production tracking based on bar-codes and touchscreens, fully dynamic glass cutting optimization, and delivery planning and truck loading applications. In addition, neo offers support for iPad and mobile tablets, and is offered with the neo Mobile Delivery app–a fully native, in-house developed app for iPad to optimize the delivery process of goods to the final customer.

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Among the software supplier’s recent developments featured in Atlanta, Frontier CADFlow allows users to take advantage of the 3D design and visualization capabilities of Autodesk Inventor along with the Frontier Configurator to accelerate the design and delivery of products while reducing cost, the exhibitor reports. The software automates the generation of configuration-specific detailed 3D models, drawings, and manufacturing data. During sales order entry and customer quote entry in eQuote, a rendering of the model is displayed as configuration options are selected. The system makes a full view of the 3D model available to the user, simply by double-clicking the rendering, which provides access to all the details of the customized 3D model, including dimensions, sub-components, and material information. When the product is being manufactured, users of Frontier Advanced Manufacturing Execution have the same capability to access the full view of the 3D model, to better understand the assembly and its attributes.

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Now in beta testing, Windowmaker Measure is an app for tablets and smartphones that enables a salesperson to capture photos, dimensions, text and voice annotations for each ‘hole in the wall.’ The details can be sent by the salesperson via email for processing manually, or alternatively it will be possible to transfer the details directly to Windowmaker at the main office by the press of a button, the supplier notes. In addition to capturing details more accurately, the app offers the ability to capture dimensions in awkward positions that might normally make them difficult and time-consuming to measure, it is noted.

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Featured in Atlanta, Centerpoint helps manufacturers and retailers optimize their selling systems. Collaborating with customers and end users to make its configurator even better, WTS Paradigm has developed an easy-to-use interface that lets users spend less time creating a quote and more time selling. Its  “One Catalog. Everywhere.” strategy also allows for manufacturers to save both time and money as one product catalog can be used throughout all selling channels (i.e. dealers, retailers, in-home sellers, consumers, etc.), reducing catalog maintenance and speed to market, the supplier states. With manufacturers wanting to arm their sales teams with tools to help them sell more, the system offers modules to help present product and offer additional features. 


WTS Paradigm also has a mobile selling tool designed to enhance the in-home selling experience. Creating the opportunity to sell the entire home improvement project, TouchQuote allows manufacturers to push more intelligence and sophistication out to their sales team. The supplier is encouraging all manufacturers to advance a mobile strategy as market research shows that mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) will exceed PCs in units sold in 2013, and that new solutions are streamlining cumbersome processes and making configuration of complex products fast and easy on these devices.

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