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CladFT, a new compression sliding seal, was featured by Amesbury Sealing Products in Atlanta. The new seal combines a polyethylene liner used for Q-Lon urethane foam seals with the unique blend of Foam-Tite TPV and Foam-Tite custom design complexities.  Designed to compress easily, CladFT provides a lower operation force, low coefficient of friction and offers improved tear and compression set resistance as compared to other weatherseals, the company states. Any part can be further customized by adding “sealing fins or wands” directly to the liner, currently available in black, white and tan.


Schlegel Q-Lon low-wick urethane foam absorbs up to 85 percent less water than standard foam seals, the company states. At the same time, the foam seals offer easy compression load deflection (low closing force) and resistance to compression set. The new foam formulation is available on Q-Lon window and door seals and is particularly advantageous on corner seals, the exhibitor reports. 

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Said to provide a high-performance solution for entry doors, a new Dual Durometer Door Seal features a closed cell EPDM sponge with low friction coating applied to the surface.  From Lauren Manufacturing, the seal is co-extruded with dense EPDM, with a low-friction polypropylene applied to it for easy kerf insertion. EPDM material is known for its natural UV resistance, superior compression set, and excellent weathering resistance, the company notes. Standard and custom profiles available.

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