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The T.A.P.E. MT1500 insulating glass unit production line enables manufacturers to produce between 650 and 750 triple IG units or between 1,400 and 1,600 double IG units per shift on a single line, via parallel glass processing and spacer application on a horizontal bed, according to the supplier. To be highlighted by Besten in Las Vegas, the line features two applicators that each apply flexible, warm-edge spacers to the inside edge of the outer glass lites of a triple IG unit. The intermediate center lite passes through the application bed, and the three lites are assembled into a triple IGU via tilting air float assembly tables. Fabricators have the option to produce offset triples by loading the two applicator heads with spacers of different widths. They can utilize one or both applicators for double IG production, with dual applicator production enabling nearly double the capacity.

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The Erdman Fixed Head IG Secondary Sealer, designed to be simple and economical, gives an operator the ability to easily apply a professional, high quality, consistent secondary seal to IG units. The operator simply positions a glass unit in front of the stationary sealant applicator. The applicator control system tracks the glass while the operator passes the glass from left to right through the applicator. The machine applies sealant based on the speed at which the glass is being moved by the operator. When the operator gets to the corner, the glass unit is rotated 90°, with the process repeated until all sides are sealed. The metering gear pump and tracking of glass movement provides extremely consistent sealant application without the high costs associated with traditional robotic sealing systems, the company explains. The equipment is available to dispense hot, cold, and two-part sealants and can be configured for dual and triple pane units.


Also being featured in Las Vegas, the Erdman Hand Assist Glazer back bedding system uses a state-of-the-art servo control system to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant at speeds up to 30 inches per second. The unit is designed to allow almost any operator to reliably and consistently apply a properly proportioned bead of sealant. The machine can be supplied to dispense hot, cold or two-part sealants.



The Erdman Automated IG Spacer Applicator is designed to be a simple solution for precisely applying IG spacer, making IG production fast and painless. Protective adhesive film is automatically rolled onto the machine for easy removal and disposal. Enhancing the accuracy and speed of spacer application, the machine can feed the glass directly to the Erdman IG Secondary Sealer or any other work station.

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Rev Series glass cutting tables provide several advantages in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, as well as considerably reduced costs, according to the supplier. From Glaston Bavelloni, the tables feature a lightweight yet sturdy bridge, moved by an electrical axis gantry that can achieve speeds of up to 130 m/min. Highly automated Rev SLH cutting lines offer benefits in terms of output and space savings. Glass sheets can be loaded, squared (through a laser device) and moved from the cutting to the breaking table in a fully automatic way, so that the operator simply has to execute breaking and downloading operations manually without interrupting the cutting cycle, the company explains. The tables are now available with an optional automatic device for the shaped and straight edge deletion of low-E coatings using a cup wheel grinding system. The redressing cycle of the wheel is carried out directly on the glass edge automatically and requires no intervention by the operator. The device is equipped with a suction/filtering unit of the powder produced during the grinding or dressing operations..

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The AG-900+ dispensing applicator for glazing/backbedding applications has been redesigned to provide clean cutoff while working with a wide range of materials and temperature settings. From Nordson Corp., the zero-cavity style automatic applicator provides accurate material flow and positive shutoff to help eliminate clogs or drips. As part of a Nordson adhesive or sealant dispense system, the AG-900+ applicator delivers consistent, reliable material application for bonding and sealing the insulating glass and window frame.

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