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With laboratories throughout the U.S. and Canada, Architectural Testing Inc. says it is the industry’s leading product testing service provider in North America. Eleven regionally laboratories provide ISO/IEC 17025-accredited capability to perform more than 2,000 defined test protocols, it states. The company will be highlighting its testing capabilities for fenestration products and building systems of all types, in the form of individual units and full-scale mock-ups, as well as certification services. Engineering consulting services include bomb blast analysis and building envelope commissioning. The supplier also provides AAMA accredited field testing crews that travel internationally to perform air/water testing on existing buildings.

Booth 635 | 717/764-7700 | www.architecturaltesting.com


Displaying an ever-growing line of instruments and sales kits for the glass and window industries, EDTM Inc. will offer live demonstrations in booth 1464 throughout the show and give attendees a chance to examine its products hands-on. Among its latest offerings is the GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro, a digital instrument that measures glass and airspace thickness of single-, double- and now triple-pane windows from a single side. New low-E detection capabilities of the GC3000 also enable users to identify the low-E surface of a double pane window from one side, as well as the type of low-E coating used in the window. The tool is designed for use by window replacement and field service professionals, as well as quality control technicians within the window factory.


The latest improvements in the supplier’s window sales kits for promoting energy efficient products will also be featured in Las Vegas. One of those improvements, the WP4520 Sales Brochure, helps consumers make an educated decision about purchasing replacement windows. It provides information on energy performance and the importance of various performance criteria of a window. This professional guide also provides a work area where the customer can write down notes and performance values on a comparison grid. Once the window dealer leaves the customer, the sales brochure can continue to sell the dealer's window in his absence, the supplier states. This brochure, designed to be used with the company’s Window Profiler device, helps bring invisible energy performance features on windows to life. 

Booth 1464 | 419/861-1030 | www.edtm.com



The producer of bi-fold door systems is introducing its first sliding door system for residential and commercial applications. The new lift-and-slide style bottom rolling door features a weight capacity of 880 lbs, with infinite opening possibilities, according to the manufacturer. Large panels maximize glass with thin aluminum stile and rails that glide along a seamless transition, providing a very high weather performance rating. From LaCantina Doors, the new doors will be available at the beginning of 2011. Like all the company’s doors, the lift-and-slide models come standard with dual-paned tempered glass, with options including low-E glass and FSC certified wood.

888/221-0141 | www.lacantinadoors.com



Retractable screens for doors, windows and large openings will be featured by Phantom Screens in Las Vegas. Screens can easily be integrated into OEM products and provide the functionality of conventional screens, but can be retracted so they are out-of-sight when not needed. Additionally, the retractable screen solutions increase occupant access to natural ventilation and daylight, while providing a reduction of heat and glare from direct sunlight and solar reflective structures, according to the supplier. The company will highlight its wide selection of mesh types and color options.

Booth 644 | 888/742-6866 | www.phantomscreens.com


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