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EcoBan antimicrobial pile and fin products are resistant to mold, mildew and fungi, and they provide superior sealing and compression in all types of applications, the supplier states. From Amesbury Textile, the weatherstripping meets current AAMA 701-04 Class A requirements and the performance standard of ASTM G21-96, the standard practice for determining resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to fungi. EcoBan is offered in woven and extruded products, as well as specialty products such as dust plugs and adhesive-backed material.

Foam-Tite C2 Continuous Seal is a kerf-mounted foam product specifically designed for casement window applications. Engineered to solve problems associated with hard welds and poorly mitered joints, the seal runs continuously through all four corners of a casement window, eliminating the need for mitering or welding entirely, which means no leaks and reduced closing force, according to the supplier. C2 products are comprised of the same TPV materials used in standard Foam-Tite products. Supplied on a spool in various shapes, sizes and UV stable colors, it eliminates the need for stocking numerous cut lengths.

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Amesbury Schlegel

Schlegel Systems is introducing the first foam door seal that includes a Category G edge seal intumescent, it reports. The all-inclusive seal combines the performance of Q-Lon to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G and H rated gaskets, the company explains. Eliminating the extra installation labor and unsightly aesthetics of secondary seal applications, QFR fire-rated kerf and surface applied seals can be installed in any residential or commercial door frame design, it is noted.

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Among the fenestration-specific gasket and tape products to be featured by Lamatek at GlassBuild is a line of extruded patio door bumpers it now stocks for immediate shipment. The company’s PD Bumper profile is designed to lock in place in a patio door track and to provide a clean stop for the moving panel. The 80 durometer extruded PVC bumper is provided in 4 inch lengths and is currently available in both white and beige.

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Providing a comprehensive and technologically-advanced line of sealants available for window manufacturing, Henkel continues to break new ground with its line of Purfect Glaze window backbedding products. Offering greater productivity by reducing labor, increasing output and improving quality, all while decreasing total cost, these sealants combine the benefits of versatile adhesion, high handling strength, superior weathering properties, great flexibility, and tremendous cured strength, according to the supplier. Available in seven varieties, Purfect Glaze sealants have been designed to meet a number of end uses, ranging from general purpose to the most demanding applications.

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Made from a blend of finely-ground tire rubber and plastics, new eco-friendly separator pads and setting blocks are available in either EPDM or neoprene commercial-grade rubber. While some recycled rubber products may leave behind unsightly stains on metal or glass, Pres-On blocks and pads are certified to the most stringent stain-resistant testing requirements, the supplier states. Superior impact strength, low specific gravity and weather resistance are other advantages of the recycled rubber. In addition, the pads and blocks can be recycled again and again.


Pres-On setting blocks are installed inside a window sash, between the sash and insulating glass unit, to provide protection to the IG from the impact of sash opening/closing. They give needed stress relief when vinyl windows expand or contract because of varying temperatures. In addition, they will stop glass from cracking while maintaining the integrity of the glazing bead, the supplier states.

When jobs call for the safe handling of fragile glass, windows, doors, and other products, Pres-On separator pads offer protection to employees and products, the supplier states. Set between the pieces, the pads absorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage. Pres-On recycled rubber pads and setting blocks are self-sticking. Customers can also order adhesive-backed versions coated with an acrylic PSA that is non-marring.

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