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The Renolit Exofol FX line has been expanded with a broad range of metallic finishes suited toward commercial applications. Offered in architectural bronze, as well as silver, aluminum, copper, black and many other colors, the laminates feature a scratch-resistant surface embossed with either a smooth stipple or an etched type finish that provides a rich appearance, the supplier states.

The new line joins a selection of woodgrain and solid color laminate films to enhance the look of the interior or exterior of PVC, fiberglass, wood, aluminum and composite window frames. Made with a three-layer construction, the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base layer includes Solar Shield Technology that uses infrared reflective pigments to reduce heat build up, the company reports. The two transparent top layers of Exofol FX include a middle layer of PMMA and top layer of polyvinyl fluoride film (PVDF), which safeguards against dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants.

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The latest system in the American Homestead platform of windows, the 9230-9280 Series, was featured by Chelsea Building Products at GlassBuild. A narrow-line window system for new construction and replacement, the series includes a double hung, single hung, double and single slider and picture window as well as a T-mullion system for multiple units with a continuous head and sill. The series features a slope sill with weatherstrip pocket that efficiently channels away water plus full length weatherstipping in the meeting rails to significantly reduce air infiltration, the supplier states. The new construction model has an integral J-channel and nailing fin. Windows incorporate the universal 9000 Series sash which can accommodate ⅝- to ⅞ -inch IG.


The extruder also introduced the 800 Series Patio Door, a direct set system with an equal glass mainframe. The door can accommodate 1-inch IG and has been structurally tested to a DP50. For wind-driven rain requirements exceeding DP50, the system includes an optional sill riser feature. The new door line can be used in new construction and replacement markets.

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The Genius system, launched earlier this year at the AIA convention, is said to be the world’s first interlinked dual sash window that enables thermal performance values exceeding R-14 without the use of exotic films or gasses. From Deceuninck, the window design features two separate, interlinked insulating glass sash, which creates an additional bonus air space between the two sash members and results in an extremely effective barrier to thermal energy flow. In addition, a unique thermal-activated ventilation system serves as an integral part of the window’s design, turning Genius into an energy generator by automatically venting solar-heated air into the building interior in the winter and venting it to the outside in the summer, the supplier explains. Beyond thermal efficiency, the window offers ease of operation, extreme structural wind load resistance (range of DP-130 or more), and superior sound transmission reduction.


Other recent introductions from the supplier of vinyl window and door systems include its Innergy rigid thermal reinforcements, said to offer a better-performing alternative to aluminum reinforcements for PVC windows and door profiles. Containing 20 percent bio-based resins, the product is the result of a collaboration between Deceuninck North America and polyurethane resin manufacturer Bayer MaterialScience LLC. Designed to offer the same strength and durability of aluminum, the composite offers superior thermal performance, which helps manufacturers achieve improved energy efficiency ratings, according to the supplier. Moreover, it is structural and flexible at the same time. Under impact, it retains its form and shape compared to metal reinforcements, according to the company. 

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Specializing in exterior-grade films for vinyl profiles, the Hornschuch Group featured its skai cool colors and synthetic pigments designed to address heat build up and wide temperature fluctuations that have caused problems for coated surfaces in the past. The product line reflects up to 80 percent of the near infrared range portion of sunlight to reduce the heating of surfaces by 20 percent or more, the company reports. The cool colors films, offered in a variety of colors and finishes, result in significantly improved application properties and greater durability.

The supplier also offers cool colors plus technology, designed to meet the utmost temperature challenges. The surface of window or door profiles can reach temperatures of up to 200° F when exposed to direct sunlight in some applications, the supplier notes. Using cool colors plus, profiles reflects more than 80 percent of radiation in the infrared range, regardless of the color of the coated base material, it states. This is said to represent a substantial decrease in the heat absorbed compared to conventional films in black brown on dark backgrounds that reflects just 20 percent of sunlight. This is achieved in the film with a third, special bottom layer in white. The pigments used in the colored PVC middle layer are designed to maximize infrared transparency to fully exploit the reflective properties of the underlying, white base film, the firm explains.

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With the anticipated release of the new Energy Star requirements, Quanex Building Products Corp. unveiled its EnergyQuest Window and door system at GlassBuild.  Designed to meet the new standards at a fair price point, the new system is especially helpful for manufacturers struggling to accommodate the change for the Northern zone target U-factor of 0.25-0.27, the supplier reports. Available in double-hung, single-hung, slider, patio door, casement and picture window options, the system is designed to accommodate either double- or triple-glazed IG units up to 1⅛-inch thick, and will be offered with or without an extruded nail fin for easy installation. Profiles are offered with SuperCoat UV-cured technology, a color coating that is seven times harder than competitive paint options, available in black, architectural bronze, brick red, adobe, hunter green and gray.


The supplier also previewed its EcoBlend technlogy, which incorporates recycled, post-industrial PVC content into the profile. With many European markets today mandating a percentage of recycled content, Quanex is working toward bringing the same environmental practices to North America, it states. EcoBlend combines a processed PVC-recycled blend within the non-visible facets of the frame profile and Quanex’s MikronBlend vinyl on all visible profile surfaces–ensuring outstanding weathering performance. To enhance color-tone consistency, all of the recycled PVC EcoBlend content is extruded through a color stabilization process to make it more visually appealing. The recycled content is source-certified to assure chemical and physical properties are met before it reaches Quanex extruders, the supplier also notes.


Also new at GlassBuild were new MikronWood reversible in-swing and out-swing exterior door frame profiles. Combining the the beauty of real wood, with the no-maintenance and weather-resistant advantages of a composite, the line provides a variety of new accessories, including brickmould trim options, screen door adapter strips and jamb mull covers, all incorporating the SnapFit quick accessory attachment clip system. Available in white, almond and adobe solid colors, the line also features as well as six wood-tone colors with simulated wood grain effect in light oak, medium oak, walnut oak, cherry mahogany, chocolate mahogany and chestnut mahogany colors. The tough, molecularly-fused acrylic color layer is 12 times harder than competitively applied paint coatings, making it a highly scratch-resistant and permanent color layer that will never require refinishing, the supplier reports.

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The designer and extruder of vinyl window and door systems introduced Solutions, its new technology that allows users to charge smart phones, Ipads, tablets, etc. through a window or door unit via USB. Veka featured several variations of solar panels that can be used with with windows for residential new construction, remodeling and retrofit applications, as well as commercial markets where the potential is significant. Described by the supplier as "Level One" of a multitude of product releases in the near future, the technology provides a new way to meet the exponentially-growing demand for electriciy from portable devices, it states..


Introduced this past spring, the Pinnacle color platform is a series of 23 colored and woodgrain laminates for the interior and exterior of Veka's windows and door systems. Whether commercial or residential applications, the laminates are designed to give manufacturers unique options to provide a vast array of choices for almost any application. The lifelike surfaces fulfill the AAMA 307 and 303 test requirements for superior performing laminated profiles. Both third party inspection agencies and internal testing indicates that Pinnacle laminates are suitable for some of the harshest climates and are guaranteed for a period of 10 years, the supplier reports. The laminate surface is also resistant to abrasion, mortar, detergents, chemicals and demonstrates superior performance and low heat build up in areas of high incident solar radiation such as, the Southwest desert. Woodgrain options offer a natural appearance in color, texture and richness. The line includes 12 different interior woodgrains to match the décor of a home or business and five different woodgrains for the exterior. Eleven enhanced color laminates feature a pebble matte finish that looks good on window and door interiors and exteriors.

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Inspired by European technology, the 2700 series is the latest window system from Westech Building Products ULC. Introduced at GlassBuild, the window offers excellent structural performance and can be applied in residential and commercial applications, according to the supplier. It also is capable of delivering superior thermal performance, exceeding Energy Star and R-5 requirements.

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