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Recent developments featured by Billco Manufacturng include the Remnant Storage System, which stores and then re-distributes unused glass leftover from the glass cutting process. This process optimizes and reduces waste associated with glass cutting. Additionally, Billco will debut its new Vertical Insulating Glass line, which features multiple zones that can be interchanged to accommodate each manufacturer’s unique processing needs. The line is capable of performing a range of processes including washing, edge deleting, gas filling, and secondary sealing, all with fast cycle times, the supplier notes.

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Exhibiting with its partner Hegla, Bystronic highlighted a range of equipment, including the flexspacer’line automated manufacturing of gas-filled, warm-edge I.G. units. The core of the line is the flexspacer'twinapplicator for the direct application of Super Spacer material onto vertically-positioned glass plates. With two alternately functioning application heads, the machine provides for non-interruptive production of double and triple insulating glass units, according to the supplier.  It is also suitable for production of IG units with varying spacer widths, including the production of triple insulating glass units that require two different spacer widths.

The eco’lamiline allows production of laminated glass–from simple constructions through to complex shaped formats with special films–all on a single system in an energy-efficient manner, the supplier reports. The line features the innovative eco’convect pre-nip system that provides a homogeneous heat input that is evident in the quality of the end product.

Bystronic's line of glass handling equipment features the Easy-Lift. Initially attracting customers in the glass processing industry with its rigid guidance and its own low own weight, the unit has also gradually won over large window manufacturers with the flexibility of the frame design and how it can fulfil their requirements, the supplier reports.

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The latest in conveyorized laminating equipment for medium-sized formats without the need for an autoclave enables manufacturers to provide same-day turnaround. From Casso Solar Technologies, the conveyorized system can process PVB, urethane, EVA and DuPont SentryGlas interlayers for glass sizes up to 96 x 180 inches, the supplier reports. In addition, the company offers high-speed laminating systems with autoclave and a non-autoclave batch laminating system to provide a range of production capabilities. Its infrared technology is superior to convection in terms of efficiency, uniformity and cycle time, the company reports. In-house laminating allows companies to control quality, ensure on-time delivery and reduce manufacturing costs.

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A Vertical Insulating Glass line, complete with gas filling, was featured by Erdman Automation Corp. in Las Vegas. The line features the Erdman Vertical IG Flexible Spacer Applicator, Vertical Grid Application, Vertical Roll Press and Automated IG Secondary Sealer with Integrated Gas Fill. In addition to cost savings over similar systems, the supplier's insulating glass lines have the advantage of being built, installed and supported in North America, allowing for time efficient and economical parts and service support within North America, it notes. The vertical line offers space savings compared to the Erdman’s range of horizontal equipment.

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The FiT-Line 5 is a completely redesigned and refined IG manufacturing line, said to be the perfect all-in-one solution for start-up, small- and medium-sized IG manufacturers. The compact IG line consists of a glass washing machine, a flexible spacer applicator, a frame mounting station for traditional spacers, an automated gas filling press, and an automatic edge sealing machine.  The equipment enables the production of double- and triple-glazed units on high quality machines with high quality output at an unbeatable cost-performance ratio, according to the supplier.

The GPS.perfectscan scanning system not only checks single glass sheets for any optical defects, but also laminated and insulating glass units, including triple-glazed units. The scanner can detect visual defects in continuous mode according to the quality criteria defined by the user.
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The enhanced OptiGas 500 system for efficient filling of insulating glass, developed jointly between Praxair and  Integrated Automation Systems was demonstrated by the supplier at GlassBuild. The innovative gas fill technology can reduce the cost of filling IG units with krypton by as much as 80 percent, and the system's fill process can fill multiple air spaces simultaneously with argon, krypton or mixtures of both, with virtually no losses, according to the supplier.  Operators scan a bar code, eliminating the need for manual input, with the computer-controlled system measuring and filling the correct amount of gas into each unit. The system also integrates the ThermalCert module to provide continuous process control verification of gas content, enabling manufacturers to verify thermal performance.


Also featured was ThermalCheck, said to be an affordable and compact system that first mixes and then directly measures the gas content in IG air spaces. An operator inserts the testing wand into the airspace and presses the test button. The unit displays the percent of argon or krypton and prints a label with a reading. If the gas content fails below the specified setting, the system displays an alert. Accurate to .5 percent, the system does not estimate or interpolate and doesn't require users to wait a day for gas to settle, the supplier reports.

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Glass-Scan inspection systems from SynergX Technologies are designed to meet the increasing demand for defect-free glass products and improved manufacturing efficiency.  The company's equipment can inspect single and multiple glass sheets before or after assembly at standard or high resolution, it states. Offering fully automated, non-contact inspection, the systems can accommodate various product sizes, shapes and colors. The company is also introducing its first in-line dimensional measurement system that is functional at full production speeds.

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