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The Amesbury Flexible Dust Pad features a proprietary backing which allows conformance to uneven or slightly curved surfaces for greater adhesion without sacrificing performance, the supplier states. Also available is the Soft-Back Dust Pad, which is very flexible and able to make 90° turns. Both are available with or without a fin in multiple pile heights, backing widths and colors.

Also highlighted in Las Vegas is the Foam-Tite C2 continuous cornering foam weatherseal. Designed for casement window applications, the weatherseal eliminates the need to use four miter-cut pieces. The foam seals can be spooled, allowing for more convenient use in the manufacturing process and eliminating the need to stock numerous lengths, the supplier notes.

Schlegel QWFR Series intumescent seals combine the superior performance of Q-Lon to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Categoy G and H rated gaskets, the company reports.  The all-in-one seal eliminates the intumescent strip cost, installation labor and unsightly aesthetics of secondard seal applications. 

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Developed using the supplier's material and process expertise, the Dual Durometer Door Seal is a closed cell EPDM sponge and dense EPDM material that will not absorb water, the supplier states.  Featured by Lauren Manufacturing, the material offers excellent weathering resistance and compression set and low thermal conductivity. The product includes secure kerf fitting and low friction coating on the surface of seal for ease of installation and functionality.  UL 157-certifiable, the new seal is available in standard and custom profiles.

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Formulated to eliminate the possibility of damage to window laminate interlayers and IG seals caused by silicone fluid migration, Pecora 896FC also provides the fastest possible green strength available in a one-part silicone sealant, the company states. To be featured in Las Vegas, the sealant is specifically designed for in-shop fabrication of windows as a primary bedding compound for glass in wood, vinyl and aluminum and steel sash. The 100 percent silicone sealant skins in mere minutes and is VOC compliant, the supplier states. It can also be used as a seam sealer, as well as cap, toe or heel beads for windows and doors or perimeter weatherseal for field glazing and window installation.

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Being featured at GlassBuild, the MHB Seal Line offers both the low closing force of a hollow bulb seal and the long-term resiliency of a foam-filled seal at a price point between traditional hollow bulb seals and foam-filled seals, the manufacturer states. During early stages of compression, the multi-hollow bulb seal requires minimal force. At later stages of compression, the outer bulb makes contact with the inner bulb and closing forces build rapidly to provide excellent sealing pressure against the mating surface, making the product extremely effective against air and water infiltration, the company explains. Strategic placement of a bulb inside a bulb also creates a three-chambered structure in the compressed state to deliver improved thermal and sound abatement properties over standard hollow bulb seals. By adjusting the relationship between the inner and outer bulbs, designers can fine tune preferred closing forces and seal pressures created at the final compression point for specific applications, it is noted. Standard and custom shapes are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, tan or brown. Heat weldable and fully recyclable, seals can also be produced with a low friction surface on the critical contact areas for sliding and tilting applications.


Combining multiple materials, Hybrid Dust Plugs are designed to meet complex sealing applications. A foam pad is used where straight compression sealing is needed with pile is used where active sealing is needed and the surface being sealed against is moveable, the supplier explains. From Ultrafab Inc., the plugs can can be supplied on a reel, kiss cut for quick removal from a continuous backing material, or cut to length and ready to install. Multiple adhesive options are available so that the plugs can be used on a wide range of substrate materials. High performance 3M foamed adhesives for vinyl surfaces and hot melt adhesive for wood surfaces are utilized for the most demanding applications, the company notes. In addition to standard offerings, the company will work with designers and engineers to develop custom dust plugs with multiple sealing capabilities to overall window or door performance.


Expanding on its multi-fin weatherstrip line, the supplier has added capabilities to put the three fins in its Tri-Fin product in whatever configuration the customer wants, including all three fins buried within the pile. The triple finned pile seals typically perform with a 25 percent reduction in air infiltration over standard center finned pile, and also offers higher-performance for sound abatement projects. For truly extreme applications, that require superior sound abatement performance as well as air and water infiltration reduction, Ultrafab will also be showing a new Five-Fin option at GlassBuild. All Multi-Fin pile seals come in standard colors and a wide range of densities, heights and backing options. Product can be inserted during profile extrusion process or in cut-to-length profiles at the fabricator utilizing an Ultrafab provided pile insertion machine.

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