More Insights on 2012


Gary Pember


Simonton Windows


As Window & Door prepared its annual forecast issue, industry executives shared their thoughts and predictions for the coming year in much more depth than could be gathered together in one article. In "More Insights on 2012," we present their detailed answers to questions about the coming year.


First, let’s start with the most general question for a forecast piece. What do you expect 2012? Will 2012 finally be “the year” we start seeing some turnaround, or is recovery further off than that?
 At Simonton, we believe there are opportunities to grow business in 2012. For example, certain geographic areas of the country that are experiencing strong population growth provide one such opportunity. We will also continue our ongoing consumer-driven product innovation to provide windows that are attractive and energy efficient.
What’s going to be happening with energy efficiency in the coming year?
A strong percentage of product sales for Simonton Windows are made up of ENERGY STAR® qualified products. Consumers are highly educated on ENERGY STAR qualified products and believe in the value of these products. Specific consumer requests for ENERGY STAR qualified Simonton products have grown consistently this decade.
Do you see any particular product segments or geographic regions outperforming the industry as a whole?
There is an overall homeowner trend Simonton has identified as “creating a haven for a home.” This pattern involves baby boomers moving from larger homes to smaller, more manageable homes. In those homes they’re eager to add in comfort features, like low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows and doors.
This pattern [also] involves homeowners who previously settled in suburban areas now deciding to move into more urban areas. These people are looking for greater access to the arts, hospitals, and an overall city environment. These resettling homeowners may seek out new windows in their homes for differing reasons, such as sound control, security and energy efficiency.
Simonton will continue to grow relationships with contractors and work to gain more presence with homeowners. We will listen to what contractors and homeowners are asking for and use their input as we innovate and develop new products.
How will companies be able to stand out in 2012 and beyond?
Simonton’s exceptional high ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates studies reflects both the contractor’s and the homeowner’s appreciation for the company’s value proposition. This includes Simonton’s dedication to creating a high quality customized product, with a high level of service with the most dependable lead times in the industry. 
Simonton believes that consumers have elevated their expectations and appreciation of vinyl windows in the past several years. Consumers want both low maintenance and beauty out of their windows, and now with Decorum by Simonton options, they can have both.


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