More Insights on 2012




Dave Randich


Therma-Tru Doors


Maumee, Ohio


As Window & Door prepared its annual forecast issue, industry executives shared their thoughts and predictions for the coming year in much more depth than could be gathered together in one article. In "More Insights on 2012," we present their detailed answers to questions about the coming year.


First, let’s start with the most general question for a forecast piece. What do you expect 2012? Will 2012 finally be “the year” we start seeing some turnaround, or is recovery further off than that?

We are prepared for a recovery in housing starts whenever it happens.

What about remodeling/replacement work? What is likely to drive business in this segment?

We are focused on driving fiberglass penetration in the replacement market.

What’s going to be happening with energy efficiency in the coming year? Is the industry focus on ramped-up Energy Star requirements? Are retail channels gaining traction with “whole home performance” efforts? Is the industry chasing triple panes and other means of better energy performance numbers?

Our new privacy glass is unique in that it is triple paned construction, so yes, we are focused on energy efficiency. The interest in energy efficiency is not going away.

Do you have some other thoughts to add?

Therma-Tru believes builders and consumers will become more interested in glass within entry door systems in 2012 as builders and consumers continue to differentiate their entryways and add to the curb appeal of their homes.

To meet the growing needs of the marketplace, Therma-Tru will continue its ongoing consumer-driven innovation and introduce new products in 2012. New products will lean heavily toward design trend desires of homeowners and builders. One example of a design trend seeing continued growth is the Craftsman style. Therma-Tru will be looking at expansion of our offering in 2012 that complements that popular style.

From an aesthetics aspect, we are hearing that entryway systems are trending towards richer colors and darker stains. Additionally, we’re seeing trends of homeowners requesting higher value wood species, such as mahogany, alder and cherry. Within the glass elements of the door, privacy glass continues to rise in popularity as complicated decorative glass designs are declining. The use of oval shaped doorlites is also expected to be on the decline in the coming years. The caming involved in the glass designs are moving away from brass with homeowners stating a growing preference for silver and black caming. Finally, door designs are trending towards fewer “panels” with two- and three-panel slab door units growing in popularity.

One of the most popular selling products in 2011 for Therma-Tru was the company’s Smooth-Star fiberglass product line. The affordable nature of the product and upgrade from steel, along with the look of fine painted wood, make this a desirable product line.

In 2011, the trend towards more contemporary and craftsman style door glass packages with simplistic styles continued to grow. At Therma-Tru, we anticipate this trend of “less busy” and more simple glass designs will continue to grow in 2012.

Therma-Tru has remained competitive during challenging economic marketplace conditions due in part to the quality of its product, competitive price points on products, by leading in innovation and providing one-stop-shop aspects for trend designs in entryway systems.

Within the trade industry, Therma-Tru is known as the company that takes responsibility for the entire entryway system, not just parts and pieces. Therma-Tru engineers its doors to work together for ease of installation, unified aesthetic appeal and long-term durability.

By providing outstanding builder and remodeler support in the marketplace, coupled with quality products, Therma-Tru has been able to remain competitive in the difficult marketplace conditions. 


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