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The Eazi-Lifter is designed to hoist windows to upper story opening to save both time and labor, as well as reduce the chance of injury.

Eazi Lifter

Harnser Solutions Inc.

Gorleston, Norfolk, UK

The Eazi Lifter is a compact and lightweight hoist developed to meet handling and productivity needs of the North American fenestration industry. Weighing only 25 pounds, it provides a quick and convenient means of lifting windows up to 275 pounds to heights of 50 feet. Fitted and operated from within a building, or alternatively attached via an adaptor to scaffolding, it offers a single or team of installers a very safe and convenient system of work.

By reducing the manual handling of materials and raising part or fully finished product up the outside of buildings, the risk of injury and resulting compensation claims are greatly reduced. Furthermore, by saving both time and labor, significant improvements in productivity are achieved.

The Eazi Lifter is the only portable hoist in the industry that operates by lifting or lowering windows up the outside of the building, allowing them to be brought up into an opening, or if necessary, pivoted and lowered into the room. Additionally with an adaption fitted to scaffolding, it permits the raising or lowering of product and materials up and onto a working platform.

The hoist lifts the attached product by means of a manually operated winch, firstly up to its boom end, clear of the building, then by further winding draws the product up and into the aperture ready for fixing, while being safely supported. By using a unique configuration of pulleys, the hoist requires only one winch to carry out both the lifting and pivoting action of the boom.

Judge's Comment:

“The Eazi Lifter makes so much sense and will make lifting windows safer. That’s great for the company and even better for the employees.”

The hoist is secured within the opening by pressure applied to either rubber pads on one side of reversible head and base plates, for finished reveals, or soft spikes on the reverse for rough lumber openings, as is found in new construction. A spring loaded head feature keeps pressure on the surfaces, enabling the hoist to be securely fitted in a variety of situations including “open to below” installs. A range of accessories were developed from extensive field trialing to meet installers’ needs. These include a height adjustment kit which increases the fitment range for large openings up to 96 inches, a rotary head plate for sloping raked head frames, a shallow head plate for service engineers when replacing glazing in an existing installation and a floor base plate for use when the reveal is shallow.

Adapted heavy duty vacuum lifters are supplied fitted with attachment ropes incorporating a RAM Key (Rope Adjusting Mechanism). This unique component enables the safe and easy adjustment of the ropes prior to commencing a lift.  


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