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Serving the Entire Supply Chain

Window & Door serves the entire industry, including manufacturers, distributors and dealers—companies large and small—involved in all types of fenestration and millwork products.

Our 23,2041 subscribers include:

  • 9,869 owners and presidents
  • 4,595 sales and marketing executives
  • 3,579 general managers and VPs
  • 1,309 plant and operations managers
  • 932 design and engineering personnel
  • 734 purchasing managers and buyers

Other circulation1 highlights:

  • 9,394 window and door product dealers and distributors
  • 1,040 millwork dealers and distributors
  • 629 manufacturers' representatives

BPA Worldwide Publisher’s Statement, June 2010. May issue analyzed total: 23,204 delivers more than 1.16 million page views2 annually and continues to average more than 96,700 page views/month2. Nearly 20,000 unique visitors visit the site each month2, and advertisers enjoy an average of 72,243 impressions per month2. It's powered by a state-of-the-art content management system that offers  opprtunities for new audiences, through RSS feeds and The Talk..., our popular WDweekly industry forum.


Our weekly e-newsletter, WDweekly, is mailed to an average of 20,5372 industry professionals each week. According to a survey2 of WDweekly recipients, 75% 75% say it’s their “most preferred” electronic newsletter. We’re the “best source for industry news” for 77%.

Further proof that they like what they’re seeing:

  • 79% say they spend more time reading WDweekly than other industry newsletters. That’s 10 times more than its nearest competitor.
  • 74% say WDweekly carries the “most timely” information.
  • 72% say WDweekly “offers the most insight and ideas.”

Publisher's own data