Create a brand plan

October 3, 2007

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The first step to successfully building your brand is to do your homework and develop a plan to guide your branding efforts and keep you on track. A good brand plan should include:

  • Market – Have a firm grasp of the market realities in your industry and other factors that will influence people’s decision to seek your products or services.
  • Audience – Who are your primary and secondary target audiences/customers? What are their general attitudes and perceptions about your industry and your company? What are their needs that you can fulfill? How are they likely to obtain information about your company?
  • Brand Proposition – This is a description of what you bring to the table. What makes you different and better than your competitors? What is your mission?
  • Budget – This is the big one. You should have a realistic idea of your budget.
Keep in mind that the idea of jump-starting implies injecting a surge of energy, or money, to get things moving. Your marketing costs will level off over time, but you should plan for some extra expenditures in the short-term.

This week's tip contributed by Christopher Thiede, president of BUILD Communications, a branding/marketing communications firm that specializes in serving the residential building and remodeling products category.
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