Is the Market Confused?

John G. Swanson
May 5, 2009
THE TALK... | Codes & Standards

Well, I certainly admit to being confused. Last week, we heard rumors that manufacturers were telling customers that the IRS isn't requiring windows to meet the 30/30 criteria established in the stimulus package for tax credits.  As long as windows had a current Energy Star label, that was good enough to qualify.

I was skeptical, but it turns out those manufacturers were right–temporarily. According to Department of Energy officials, Energy Star windows will qualify for the tax credit until June 1. DOE sent out a letter last week to Energy Star stakeholders explaining the situation–or at least trying to. The waters remain a bit muddy, no doubt.

But does this IRS ruling have any real impact? Will it be a short-term opportunity for some companies?  Will it hurt others? What about homeowners? Are the ones who paid extra to get 30/30 windows getting shortchanged?  Will it have any impact in the long run? Is it going to affect our industry's credibility or create long term confusion? Email me and let me know what you think.

Will the delay in implementing 30/30 criteria have an impact?
No, this will blow over quickly.
Yes, but only minor, short-term confusion.
Yes, we'll see short term confusion and the effects will linger on for some time.

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