Scaling Back Your Summer?

Christina Lewellen
June 22, 2010

We've been hitting on a lot of heavy, industry-related topics lately, so I thought I'd offer up a lighter poll this week. Hey, it's summer. We've earned a more fun-lovin' Talk Topic.

So here goes: What are you doing for a summer vacation this year? C'mon, email me. I really want to know. This AP report notes that most of America is scaling back—taking longer car rides and packing coolers rather than boarding flights for far-off destinations.

What are your plans? Is the economy keeping you closer to home, or do you feel like you've put the big trip off for long enough? Send an email to share your plans. As for me and my family—I'm still on the fence. We've behaved ourselves for a couple of years...maybe it's time to pump some tourism dollars back into the system!

This year, my summer vacation plans are:
Scaled back and/or closer to home.
No vacation planned this year.
Equally impressive as past years.
Coming back from the austerity plans of the past few years.

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