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  • If I offered to hand you $15 or let you flip a coin to earn either $20 or $10, which would you choose? Taking a chance might mean I only fork over $10 to you but playing it safe means you give up the opportunity to walk away with $20. In this example, the difference is only whether you’re buying me one round or two, but what if the stakes are much higher? How risk tolerant are you when it... more »
  • Most window and door companies tout the fact that their products are energy efficient. Many want to go further and say their products are green. But what does that mean? Is it a product’s U-value or solar heat gain coefficient? Is it some recycled content, certified wood or lead-free PVC?  If you’ve covered all those elements, can you say your products are green if your company... more »
  • Demand for larger additions and more four season rooms increasing opportunities
    Selling and installing one sunroom could equate to the profit of replacing 150 to 200 windows. Got your attention? Many homeowners are staying put in their current dwellings, perhaps in part due to current market conditions. Three- and four-season sunrooms add additional living space to their homes at a fraction of the price and time as a traditional stick-built addition. As a result, sunrooms... more »
  • Word of Mouth. Spread word-of-mouth information about the position availability, or eventual availability, to each employee so they can constantly look for superior candidates in their networks of friends and associates. Use trade show booth time to meet and get to know potential candidates as well as customers. Take Advantage of Your Industry Contacts, Association Memberships and Trade... more »
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Yes, folks, I’m talking about the proposed economic stimulus package. The Wall St. Journal, a.k.a. my personal daily vice, says: “The largest business break in the package is called ‘accelerated depreciation,’ which permits companies to take much larger tax deductions on this year’s capital investments, instead of... more »
  • You’ve found the perfect candidate, and now you want to reel them in. Perhaps you posted a salary range in your job ad; maybe you waited until the end of the interview process to directly discuss—or set—the salary. Misunderstanding or miscommunication about salary can cause more trouble in the closing stages of the hiring process than anything else—the candidate wants... more »
  • AAMA is urging the Department of Energy to consider a two-tier system when it issues revisions to Energy Star windows criteria. The idea would be to have one label and one set of numbers that would address DOE’s concern that the Energy Star program push the energy performance envelope and beat code. The other label and set of numbers—presumably the current criteria—would be... more »
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    It's been a tough year
    Download the complete 2008 Top 100 Manufacturers report The downturn in housing hit the industry hard in 2007. The impact can be seen throughout the 2008 edition of the Window & Door Top 100, our annual feature presenting North America’s 100 largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors and/or skylights, based on sales volumes. Going beyond providing numbers, our annual rankings... more »
  • It’s easy for customers to become overwhelmed by the myriad of new door choices on the market. In order to provide shoppers the best possible customer service, a seller must have the resources and expertise at hand to make the purchasing process as intuitive and stress-free as possible. As the Internet is a leading source for information, be sure to direct your customers to the best... more »
  • Following up on a Department of Energy update on plans to make criteria to qualify for an Energy Star window label more stringent, last week we asked what you thought of one of the most stringent numbers under consideration—a U-factor of .30 for the Northernmost climate zone. Read Page 2 of the Talk and you’ll see the response was pretty overwhelming. DOE actually said it’s... more »