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  • According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 WDweekly recipients, 98 percent rate our coverage as “good” or better. In fact, 56 percent say we’re “very good” and another 15 percent score us as “excellent.” That was pretty great feedback to receive, but we’re not resting on our laurels. This week, we’re proud to introduce a new streamlined... more »
  • Coming to you from Charlotte, NC, this week, I’m beginning the second day of Profiles 2007, a conference looking at new technologies in plastic and composite building materials. We’ll report on the event next week, but much of the discussion is focusing on new developments and options for color in (or on top of) vinyl. There are already numerous options out on the market, of course,... more »
  • This should be a guiding principle in your business. Treating others as you would like to be treated is a fundamental approach to a successful business and a successful life. Applying this principle alone will save you more time and energy than you can imagine. It will open opportunities for new business, keep your existing customers happy and calling back to do more business with you, and allow... more »
  • It certainly isn’t getting any cheaper to make windows and doors, but is the market just too tight right now to even consider increasing your prices? Reading Masonite’s quarterly report, we learned the sweeping implications of the company’s 2006 price hike. The door manufacturer’s biggest customer, Home Depot, dropped it for a competitor, leaving Masonite to deal with... more »
  • Measure your progress by keeping score of what works and what doesn't. Spend more time, money and resources on what works to become the Company of Choice. Evaluate your progress on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Another good exercise is to reflect on where you were three, five or even 10 years ago. This assessment of your progress will give you a reality check. Also, set up... more »
  •   Encourage your employees to brag about you as the Company of Choice. Give your employees total permission to promote your company. Help them to appreciate the value of powerful marketing and promotion. Discuss new promotional ideas with them and get their feedback. Explain your marketing strategies to them so that they feel involved in the process. Give permission to your vendors and trade... more »
  • Air conditioners started humming last week in my neck of the woods, so it seemed like a good time to share a pet peeve of mind—window air conditioner units. My neck of the woods—New York City—has some stately old brownstones, adorned frequently with beautiful old windows. These windows obviously don’t get the respect they deserve in many cases, because the homeowner is... more »
  • New finish options are in demand, and will not be going away
    White has long dominated the vinyl window market, but that may be changing. Technologies for adding interior and exterior color have evolved to the point virtually any color or design can appear on vinyl, depending upon which technology is used. More importantly, suppliers suggest, a slower housing market and growing demand from more discriminating consumers are convincing manufacturers to look... more »
  • Manufacturers can find many options to suit their performance and processing requirements
    Since the mid-1990s, composites have made huge inroads in the window, door and architectural moulding industries. Their low maintenance, unprecedented strength and resilience have made these materials too good to ignore. They also offer another advantage important in today’s building industry—“green” appeal. While they are produced using petrochemicals, composites are... more »
  • The emphasis must be on service, say two vinyl window manufacturers experienced in the game
    The business of installing replacement windows is evolving as the line between a manufacturer’s role and a dealer’s role continues to get blurrier. Some vinyl window manufacturers started with or grew into a business model that includes installing its own products. And, over the years, numerous window dealers—particularly in the replacement market—have decided that in... more »