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  • This week, I want you to go out of order. Before I taint you with the following information, take the poll to the left, then come back and read the rest. Ok—you voted, right? A news story (see The Outside View...) announcing some continuing good news for tintable glass developer Sage Electrochromics explains how the emerging supplier has set up shop in Faribault, Minn. Sage’s CEO,... more »
  • One of the best ways to build awareness and build your brand is publicity. Having a story about you in your local paper gets your name out to more potential customers. But don’t stop there. Merchandise the publicity to your customers. Tell your salespeople to mention it to their customers. Hand out reprints at your showroom. Put a story about it in your newsletter. Link to the story on... more »
  • What will homes look like in the future, and what kind of products will they demand from our industry? Last week, the mall in Washington, D.C., offered a preview, with teams from 20 universities worldwide building solar-powered homes for the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the Department of Energy. Lorin Hancock, with our sister publication Glass Magazine, reported on the event in their electronic... more »
  • When creating your messaging for your ads, Web site or other materials, you will be tempted to use the following phrases: “Low prices,” “High quality,” and “Great service.” Don’t. These phrases are overused to the point of being meaningless. Too many businesses use these taglines, and they are not memorable. Instead, find something truly unusual about... more »
  • A bit of a surprise at last week’s Remodeling Show was the fact that relatively few vinyl windows were on display. They were there, sure, but not at a level that reflects their number one market share position. That’s been true for steel entry doors for several years now. Even though they still account for more than half the residential entry door market, manufacturers don’t... more »
  • In case you came to work today with nothing better to do, let’s chat about ripping off your customers. Not that I’m implying any of my dear readers would do such a thing, but let’s say your evil twin decided to put his toe to the edge of the slippery slope and flirt with some unethical, immoral and perhaps even illegal business practices. The question is this: Even if you put... more »
  • If you have an ache in your belly, who do you go see—a family practitioner, a general practitioner or perhaps someone who specializes in gastroenterology or internal medicine. Medicine today has become so specialized that it is often difficult to know just who to call for help. And it is not uncommon for the recommendations of one specialist to conflict with the recommendations of another... more »
  • Recent survey finds high awareness level and eagerness to adopt technology
    The architectural community is increasingly committed to the sustainable design goals of lower energy consumption and greater levels of building occupants’ well-being and productivity. With the emergence of the green building movement, the window, door and glass industries can expect to see increased demands for higher performing products, including, notably, smart glass. The U.S. Green... more »
  • Your brand identity is a visual and philosophical representation of your brand that will help customers remember you. Think about what makes you different from your competition. How can you sum it up in a short key message? What is the one thing you want potential customers to think of when they think of you? This key message can then be used to create a catchy tagline to capture the essence of... more »
  • Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day for some serious truth telling. Get ready to fess up—I’ll start the confessional. For all the mouthing off I do about windows and doors all day, every day, I’ve never actually put a fenestration product in a hole. I’ve seen many, many products being made. I’ve even bought my fair share of replacement products and happily... more »