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  • You have had an aneurysm break in the back of your brain, between your brain and your skull. We are going to send you to the University of Colorado Hospital, where they will treat you." I stared at the Denver airport paramedic who had said this to me, trying to absorb it. My first thought, of course, was, "I can't go to the hospital; I am going to miss my flight." They did send me... more »
  • These are the top ten ways to guarantee your new employee will start off on the wrong foot - possibly forever. Make sure a work area has not been created or assigned. (Let him sit in a hall or share a cube.) Schedule the new employee to start work while her supervisor is on vacation. Leave the new employee standing in the company reception area for a half hour while reception staff try to... more »
  • Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door Do you buy products for their warranties? I have to admit that, with the exception of my cars, I really don’t (my dad would be so disappointed if he knew!). In fact, I tend to be leery of warranties because I figure there’s probably enough legalese in them to eliminate some or most of my... more »
  • Sell aesthetics. Show homeowners how the choices they make–such as grids on windows–help enhance the look of the entire home, add curb appeal to their house and increase resale value. This week's tip contributed by Simonton Windows. Contact Kathy Ziprik, 304/428-1856 or   more »
  • Testing regulations and methods are being developed and implemented every day. Do you know what they are? Are you intimately familiar with their use, and more importantly, their abuse? Testing standards are valuable tools used by this industry to examine, investigate, and trace problems. Sometimes the tests are useful to exclude a product from consideration as a potential source of intrusion.... more »
  • John Swanson, editor/ associate publisher of Window & Door Over the past few decades, we've seen a number of window and door ideas migrate from Europe to North America. If not vinyl itself, the concept of welded vinyl came from there. Multipoint locking hardware, argon gas filling and a couple other ideas were also adopted in Europe first. So when I... more »
  • Indian Wells, Calif.-Recognizing but not being deterred by the economic challenges that lie ahead in the coming year, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association jumped right into its 2008 game plan during its annual meeting, held here at the end of February. Attendance was down as some companies are scaling back travel budgets, but the contingent present was ready to roll up its sleeves... more »
  • With inflation rising and home equity threatened by declining property values and limited credit availability, homeowners are shopping harder before buying. And, according to a Roper study on global consumer buying traits, Americans continue to be among the most price-conscious shoppers in the world. The international consumer research firm claims that 73 percent of Americans are out to "... more »
  • An aggressive commitment to constant improvement in systems and procedures enables some manufacturers to thrive, even in tough times
    The decline in new home construction, combined with an anemic remodeling market, has created serious setbacks for many companies and the people who work-or worked-for them. Yet some window and door makers not only made money in 2007, they grew. Some expect no worse than flat sales for 2008. What separates these companies from those that are struggling, or already out of business? To get some... more »
  • What LEED for Homes and NAHB's Green Building Standard say about windows and doors
    What makes a window or door green? An Energy Star label? Certified wood components? Recycled content? Its orientation? Good installation practices? There is no one answer, but all these elements can help a product score points for builders of green homes.   With the green building movement gaining momentum, numerous home rating programs have been started around the country, designed to... more »