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  • When manufacturing for architectural applications, it's important to consider the max designpressure ratings that will be required. For the traditional residential fabricator looking to expand market share, the commercial market segment offers a realistic opportunity. Aluminum systems have been solidly positioned for this expansion for years. But recently, market analytics and increased thermal... more »
  • Use manufacturers’ marketing materials to tell your story, your way
    There are many marketing tools that manufacturers make available to their dealers. But which is right for you? (Images courtesy of the author.) Many manufacturers offer various marketing materials that dealers can use to their advantage. These often include brochures, technical data, website product samples, color selectors, demo kits, presentation outlines, pitch books, training... more »
  • Tips on how to successfully integrate new equipment
    Prior planning is the most important aspect of adding new machinery to an existing production line, and it begins before the new equipment makes the first part, or is even delivered. The planning stage involves correctly identifying the need by evaluating the entire line. To accurately determine what part of the process needs to improve some of the questions you'll need to ask are: Are all the... more »
  • Depending on who one listens to, one could believe that the economy is either circling the bowl or firing up at the launch pad. The best focus in the midst of all of this confusion may simply be to regain some sense of normalcy. What might be the best case scenario? Perhaps we should turn to the likes of William B. Greiner, CFA, chief investment strategist for Mariner Wealth Advisors—a... more »
  • The glass unit line at Crystal Window & Door Systems Ltd. Window & Door’s annual Top 100 Manufacturers list details North America’s 100 largest manufacturers of residential windows, doors, skylights and related products, based on sales volume. More detailed information on every company is provided in the Top 100 Report, available for purchase. More than $1 Billion... more »
  • As a recent journalism graduate and classified millennial, I can tell you that entering the workforce is a difficult transition. Even though four years of college gave me a diploma (and, consequently, a few decades of debt), what it did not teach me was how truly different the professional world would be. Our college courses encouraged collective brainstorming, group projects and class... more »
  • The May issue of Window & Door magazine will feature a special focus on products for indoor/outdoor living, and we want to include your offerings. Submit information on one of your styles to let our dealer audience know what’s available. Plus, help our dealers bridge the jargon gap by providing attributes they can use to sell your products to their clients. The deadline for submissions... more »
  • A good sales strategy takes advantage of each phase in the sales cycle. But how do you get consumers interested in your product in the first place? The upcoming spring home shows offer a plethora of buyers who are actively seeking. You may already have a great product and a well-designed booth for your local show, both of which are necessary to attract the buyer’s eye. But another key to... more »
  • Window & Door will run a Fensterbau product preview in an upcoming issue of WDweekly. Exhibitors are encouraged to submit information regarding a featured product your company will have on display during the March 16-19 show in Nuremberg, Germany.   DEADLINE: FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2016 Fill out my online form. var qb4z7c15g0qum;(function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t),... more »
  • Why You Should Get Serious About Website Security
    Some business owners think hackers only target big companies or fancy e-commerce stores. To some extent, this is true—individual hackers typically focus their efforts on large, lucrative targets. However, the vast majority of hackers create automated scripts and programs that crawl the web in search of vulnerable websites. Most small-business websites get hacked in this automated fashion.... more »