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  • ProSales recently reported about an experiment Home Depot conducted at one of its stores. They placed a pile of wood featuring “FSC-certified” labels on the floor with an employee nearby promoting the wood’s greenness. They then placed a second pile of wood nearby, not labeled at all—almost to suggest it came from unknown origins and possibly a not-so-environmentally-... more »
  • Knowing how your insurance protects you and how to manage your coverage is vital. What does your insurance provide? What does it exclude? What are your limits? Are they enough? How are legal fees handled? Do you have more than one insurance carrier over several years? Do you understand your obligations to your insurance carrier? Do you understand your rights? Is anyone acting as a watchdog to... more »
  • It’s hard to find toys that don’t bear the words “Made in China” somewhere on the product or packaging. On the heels of a recall by Mattel and some other companies of millions of toys coming from China tainted with lead-based paints, the Chinese government is stepping up efforts to provide greater assurance of quality and safety to the world’s consumers. Will... more »
  • Most window and door manufacturers have Limited Warranty documents in place. Very few include important limitations and protections readily available to limit risks. Do you have a Limited Warranty in place? What does it promise? What protections does it provide? Is it enforceable? Is it provided during the bidding/selling process? Is it routinely updated? Does it cover a wide range of projects... more »
  • The final parts of the process are internal and external exit strategies
    This article is the third in a three-part series about business transition planning and options. You’ve heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, it’s true, which is why it’s important to stress the planning component of business transition. Who will ultimately run the business? Does a family member currently involved in the... more »
  • Is there an organization or community group that you feel is a worthy cause? Ask for other companies and organizations to sponsor an effort you support. Put together co-operative money to sponsor some event. Your local industry associations or peer group can collectively sponsor a Youth Sports League or a “Clean up the Neighborhood Day.” Give credit to the association and give your... more »
  • John Swanson, editor/associate publisher of Window & Door Lobbyists aren’t the most beloved figures in America, but as one speaker told attendees at last week’s WDMA meeting—“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the plate.” I think the organization’s members were already convinced, but WDMA is now planning to step up... more »
  • Promote your company as the Company of Choice to non-client influential professionals. Make your accountant, lawyer, broker, physician and banker fully aware of all your services and products. You can also promote your company to association executives, insurance agents, politicians, and even your industry peers. Send your promotional materials to them regularly. Take them on a tour of a... more »
  • You’re probably in the middle of a busy week, but you really should read an Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle story included in The Outside View this week highlighting the career and life of Jim Felton. This industry brother—well, cousin at least—has a string of home improvement companies in the Southeast. As the president of these companies, he goes out on a limb to employ recovering... more »
  • In the seconds it takes to ride in an elevator, can you describe exactly what you do and why you are the best person or company for the job? An “elevator speech,” as it is sometimes called, must captivate the listener’s attention and inspire them to want to know more about you. A persuasive “elevator speech” will be brief, approximately 30 to 45 seconds. The speech... more »