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  • When I first heard of James Carpenter, he was described to me as a glass artist. He certainly is one, but he also is much more. “James Carpenter Environmental Refractions” by Sandro Marpillero is a thorough compilation of the architecturally related projects of the New York City architect. Through many case studies, this publication shows how Carpenter’s work incorporates the art of glass into... more »
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    Patio and entry door manufacturers need to focus on the critical demands of their targeted market
    Given the current market weakness, many window and door manufacturers are preparing themselves for a slow and competitive recovery cycle. Many are turning to hardware manufacturers for help. Component suppliers can offer a variety of solutions, of course, but the best answer for each manufacturer will depend greatly on the market it serves. A common response to a weak window and door market is... more »
  • Fantastic fabricated glass highlights high-end condos in New York
    Art, design, money and glass combine in New York City to create the interiors and exteriors of some of most expensive pieces of real estate in the world. While the rest of the United States has suffered a steady decline in the residential market, the 23-square-mile city that never sleeps has continued to prosper, with a luxury, high-end resident building boom. “Domestically, economic indicators... more »
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    Some replacement companies logging growth and preparing for upturn
    Even a cactus can grow in a desert. The national headlines are trumpeting the existence of a recessionary period and industry headlines are more frequently announcing scale backs and plant closures, but there are also plenty of companies-particularly in the replacement market-that are bucking the trend. These cacti in the business are expanding their manufacturing facilities, growing their... more »
  • Fire officials and others intensify their efforts to protect homes in boundary areas. Be prepared with sound recommendations for fenestration products.
    If the danger posed by wildfires to populated areas wasn’t on the minds of fire protection officials before, it certainly was after the summer of 2002. This last “fire season” was one of the worst in the nation’s history, with nearly 6 million acres scorched. Some particularly large fires gained headlines: the Biscuit fire in Oregon that consumed nearly 500,000 acres, the... more »