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  • Windows made of fiberglass and wood/plastic composites still account for a small share of the market, but there’s an uptick in the numbers and manufacturers see momentum
    Are alternative materials like fiberglass and wood/plastic composites poised to take a larger share of the window market? Window and door manufacturers have quietly incorporated new materials into their product lines for years, even decades, and fiberglass has established itself firmly in the entry door market, but the lion’s share of window sales still go to vinyl, wood and aluminum. Few... more »
  • Vinyl window manufacturer’s new owners plan to “take it to the next level”
    Back when the vinyl window industry consisted largely of replacement window manufacturers and their dealers, one of the biggest names in the business was Great Lakes Window. Under new ownership since earlier this year, the Walbridge, OH, based manufacturer is looking to grab the spotlight once again.   In the ’80s, Great Lakes was thought by many to be the largest vinyl window... more »
  • Precision Entry has found success with a unique focus on the replacement entry door market and by making a complete entry system, one door at a time
    In 1983, a big company named Sears took a chance on a little company named Precision Door & Glass to provide its customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana with replacement entry doors. Today, that company is a Window & Door Top 100 Manufacturer and its business with Sears is nationwide.   Before the agreement, Precision, based in Sugarcreek, OH, was a pre-hanger of primed,... more »
  • After witnessing success at Marshall Vinyl Windows first-hand, the company has rolled out Accentrim nationwide
    When CertainTeed Corp.’s Windows Group acquired Marshall Vinyl Windows in 2002, it got more than a new window manufacturing operation in southern California. It got first-hand experience in the production and marketing of a new option in decorative glass. CertainTeed liked what it saw and is now rolling out Prism Grid at all of its window manufacturing operations. Prism Grid incorporates... more »
  • Progressive distribution companies are finding new ways to add value and reduce costs
    The demise and even death of independent distributors has been predicted by experts for years. Even today the jury is still out. A recent IBM report on distribution said: “Depending on to whom you listen, the distribution industry will be disintermediated into extinction by a direct channel between manufacturer and consumer or it will emerge as the ubiquitous connective tissue holding the... more »
  • Iowa manufacturer teams with Cardinal Glass to provide builders with protective product designed to reduce clean-up times and address a variety of other issues
    A construction site can be tough on windows and doors. One persistent problem is paint, plaster, stucco or any number of other materials spattered onto the glass. Removal can be time-consuming and lead to scratched glass, a result that more than likely means a callback for the builder or contractor. Two companies are now teaming up to address this issue. First, Cardinal Glass Industries began... more »
  • Andersen marks its 100th anniversary with a determination to "raise the whole category" of windows and doors
    Andersen Windows Inc. is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with its eye on the future. Although several projects to commemorate the event are in the works, one of them has been underway for the past several years. Project Odyssey, a unique research-and-development effort, goes beyond the window and door industry's typical efforts to create new products. Andersen describes it as "an... more »
  • Study suggests potential for low-E glass to increase
    All common building materials expand and contract when heated and cooled. For this reason, building product design, application guidelines and installation practices factor in normal temperature ranges and their effects on thermal expansion and contraction. All exterior elements of a home will experience significant temperature variation during in-service exposure. Temperature variations of 100... more »
  • The Florida window and door market has been transformed in the 10-plus years since Hurricane Andrew, and while PGT Industries has adapted successfully, it points to basic issues of delivery and service as keys to growth.
    Hurricane Andrew brought devastation to many areas in south Florida in 1992. It also changed the landscape of Florida’s construction industry, as the past decade has seen the implementation of new building codes by the state and many local jurisdictions in the storm’s wake. For window and door manufacturers, these changes have presented many challenges. One company that has thrived in... more »
  • Making the work environment safer also makes employees work smarter and be more productive
    For Therma-Tru Corp., being a preferred brand of entry doors and producing high-quality, beautiful products doesn’t fully define success. Being a true leader also means being a preferred place of employment and delivering operational excellence in all of our facilities. One hallmark of operational excellence is a safe workplace, where smart manufacturing processes and proactive... more »