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  •   In today’s hectic world, sometimes it’s all we can do to keep up with the work we have. But taking a little time to document the work you do can pay dividends in future marketing efforts. Take pictures, get customer quotes, write a short case history and keep it all in a file. You never know when you might need that information – for your Web site, or a brochure, or a... more »
  •   Tax Deduction Highlighted Corporate Social Responsibility - Your donation can help enhance your company's reputation—improving standing with your current market, attracting investors, and building goodwill with your company's stockholders. Positive Public Image - You donation can be publicized to create positive media exposure, motivate customer loyalty, and enhance your... more »
  • A news story last week reported that TruStile Doors will pay more than $90,000 to settle claims that the Denver-based manufacturer had unlicensed Microsoft and Symantec software on corporate computers. The company is now in compliance and has developed a software license management program to make sure that there are no recurring problems. While TruStile suffered the unfortunate headline, I can... more »
  • All signs at the International Builders’ Show last week suggested that green building is going mainstream. Among window and door manufacturers, the growing momentum of green was evident in displays that highlighted not only energy efficient products, but environmentally friendly business practices. Prior to this year’s show, few window and door manufacturers appeared to make a real... more »
  • You know that a Web site is a powerful tool right? You know the Internet is often the first place people look for information, and that a Web site is an affordable way to establish a brand? You know all this, right? Then what are you waiting for? If you can’t afford a slick, whiz-bang site, get one you can afford. If you’re worried about getting the look and content right, put it up... more »
  • With marketing dollars scarce in a slowing economy, it’s a very good time to take a fresh look at grass roots marketing referral techniques that won’t break the bank. Word-of- mouth or viral marketing has been growing and is even becoming more formalized with the formation three years ago of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Grounded on the proposition that people like to be... more »
  • We have often spoken of the “101” series of international window and door performance standards. The current version of this is AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440-08, which allows window and door products of different framing materials and operator types to be objectively and fairly assessed for structural performance in response to wind loading, air leakage and water penetration... more »
  • If I offered to hand you $15 or let you flip a coin to earn either $20 or $10, which would you choose? Taking a chance might mean I only fork over $10 to you but playing it safe means you give up the opportunity to walk away with $20. In this example, the difference is only whether you’re buying me one round or two, but what if the stakes are much higher? How risk tolerant are you when it... more »
  • Most window and door companies tout the fact that their products are energy efficient. Many want to go further and say their products are green. But what does that mean? Is it a product’s U-value or solar heat gain coefficient? Is it some recycled content, certified wood or lead-free PVC?  If you’ve covered all those elements, can you say your products are green if your company... more »
  • Demand for larger additions and more four season rooms increasing opportunities
    Selling and installing one sunroom could equate to the profit of replacing 150 to 200 windows. Got your attention? Many homeowners are staying put in their current dwellings, perhaps in part due to current market conditions. Three- and four-season sunrooms add additional living space to their homes at a fraction of the price and time as a traditional stick-built addition. As a result, sunrooms... more »