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  • You can hear the following from dealers and manufacturers all the time: “With all the electronic access to information today, why is the customer taking longer to buy?” or “We know they’re going to buy, we just don’t know when.” Today’s extended buying cycle is frustrating for sales and marketing people who don’t know how to adjust to it and deal... more »
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    Attendance Down with Slumping Market, But Certainly Not Out
    Orlando, Fla.—Green building may not be mainstream yet, but all the evidence at this year’s International Builders’ Show suggested it will be soon. Window and door manufacturers at the February event appeared to be ready to join the movement by pointing not only to energy efficiency, but also to such issues as environmental stewardship and sustainability in their displays. Tough... more »
  • It is important not to lose sight of the long term and fundamental strength in the residential housing market. Admittedly, it is difficult to see this silver lining through all the doom and gloom publicity about the housing slump. It can be even more difficult when we now hear talk of recession.  Maybe certain politicians are, for reasons of their own, saying we’re on the precipice of... more »
  • Maybe it’s the writer in me, but I love a dealer with an angle. It’s tough to develop a focus, a niche, a personality for a business—so when I run across a really good angle, I’m definitely doing a little happy-column-dance. This month I’d like to introduce Windows Plus, a replacement retailer based in Northern Virginia. The dealer’s is a story like many... more »
  • John Swanson, editor/ associate publisher of Window & Door S141 failed at the recent code hearings, but there seems to be agreement these days that side-hinged doors should be held to the same sort of performance standards as windows and sliding glass doors. In continuing discussions, representatives of AAMA, AMD and WDMA are trying to agree on an approach... more »
  • Instructions must be more than something that is thrown out with the cardboard. Care and use instructions are a company’s most direct contact with the end-consumer. Usually, a homeowner will have no need to contact the manufacturer of her windows or doors. That is a good thing. But that does not mean that the company should sit silently. Instructions directed to the homeowner can be... more »
  • Last week, we reported on a lawsuit brought by a South Carolina dealer alleging false labeling of windows. The dealer charges that windows not meeting code requirements are being labeled to say they do. My reaction to this story was, "Sure, there are people out there that will take advantage of lax code enforcement, who will somehow try to plead ignorance if caught, but it's hard to believe... more »
  •   In today’s hectic world, sometimes it’s all we can do to keep up with the work we have. But taking a little time to document the work you do can pay dividends in future marketing efforts. Take pictures, get customer quotes, write a short case history and keep it all in a file. You never know when you might need that information – for your Web site, or a brochure, or a... more »
  •   Tax Deduction Highlighted Corporate Social Responsibility - Your donation can help enhance your company's reputation—improving standing with your current market, attracting investors, and building goodwill with your company's stockholders. Positive Public Image - You donation can be publicized to create positive media exposure, motivate customer loyalty, and enhance your... more »
  • A news story last week reported that TruStile Doors will pay more than $90,000 to settle claims that the Denver-based manufacturer had unlicensed Microsoft and Symantec software on corporate computers. The company is now in compliance and has developed a software license management program to make sure that there are no recurring problems. While TruStile suffered the unfortunate headline, I can... more »