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  • John Swanson, editor/ associate publisher of Window & Door I visited with Four Seasons Sunrooms last week. The company reported recent success in picking up new dealers because of its “more complete” product line. Their new dealers like that they can buy from one source, and get more support as a result, yet satisfy more customers with... more »
  • It seems counterintuitive, but great companies expand during slowdowns; they don't pull back. Remember, all competitors within an industry are dealing with the same challenges. As a result, the weakest of these organizations will be going out of business, losing critical funding and cutting operations, and/or letting go of critical but expensive assets and people. "All of these things open... more »
  • John Swanson, editor/ associate publisher of Window & Door Talking to equipment suppliers for an upcoming article, they report, not surprisingly, that few window and door makers are expanding capacity these days. Yes, many are replacing old machines or upgrading existing lines, and a good number of manufacturers are re-tooling, but suppliers also note... more »
  • It may not be "the next big thing" some predicted, but it is establishing a foothold in market
    Window manufacturers see the low-maintenance and self-cleaning glasses on the market today as good products that really work. And while they failed to capture the consumer attention some expected, these glasses are starting to gain traction and may eventually become the standard. "I don't believe many people know it exists," says Wayne Gorell, president and CEO of Gorell Windows and... more »
  • While defining and meeting codes for window and door performance are clearly important, especially in areas subject to extreme conditions such as water penetration due to hurricane wind-driven rains, the practical realities of "bang for the buck" have to be considered. How much cost and hassle-in the form of performance testing and documentation-is justified by the degree of protection... more »
  • There is a small, independent coffee shop near my house that I frequent enough to have had a latte named for me. There's a young lady named Brittany who works the after-school shift, and I would argue that she serves as physical proof that there is hope for this country. Hope because she can't sit still. When she's not steaming milk or brewing espresso, she busies herself sweeping, wiping down... more »
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    New materials, fabrication technologies and sustainable design are reinvigorating the product category
    The value of interior doors as a design element has slowly diminished in recent years. The more attention-grabbing "wall furniture" of earlier eras disappeared. Unlike their contemporary hardwood kin in floors and cabinetry, wood doors were becoming largely commoditized. For many, a door was just a door. That is now changing for a rapidly growing number of astute practitioners in the... more »
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    World's biggest fenestration industry event suggests new technologies on the way
    Nuremberg, Germany--With nearly all the halls of the NurnbergMesse filled with exhibitors and crowded aisles and stands, fensterbau/frontale enjoyed another record year. The world's biggest window and door industry trade fair continues to grow in both scope and scale as it attracted what appeared to be a more international audience once again, but also a broader range of products. More than 30... more »
  •   WINCOREWincore Windows & Doors has assembled a new sales force led by eight territory managers who will service existing accounts and help grow business within territories in West Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. Based in Parkersburg, W. Va., Dan Cody joins the vinyl window maker with more than 15 years of experience in direct sales management. He previously... more »