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  • There is a small, independent coffee shop near my house that I frequent enough to have had a latte named for me. There's a young lady named Brittany who works the after-school shift, and I would argue that she serves as physical proof that there is hope for this country. Hope because she can't sit still. When she's not steaming milk or brewing espresso, she busies herself sweeping, wiping down... more »
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    New materials, fabrication technologies and sustainable design are reinvigorating the product category
    The value of interior doors as a design element has slowly diminished in recent years. The more attention-grabbing "wall furniture" of earlier eras disappeared. Unlike their contemporary hardwood kin in floors and cabinetry, wood doors were becoming largely commoditized. For many, a door was just a door. That is now changing for a rapidly growing number of astute practitioners in the... more »
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    World's biggest fenestration industry event suggests new technologies on the way
    Nuremberg, Germany--With nearly all the halls of the NurnbergMesse filled with exhibitors and crowded aisles and stands, fensterbau/frontale enjoyed another record year. The world's biggest window and door industry trade fair continues to grow in both scope and scale as it attracted what appeared to be a more international audience once again, but also a broader range of products. More than 30... more »
  •   WINCOREWincore Windows & Doors has assembled a new sales force led by eight territory managers who will service existing accounts and help grow business within territories in West Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia. Based in Parkersburg, W. Va., Dan Cody joins the vinyl window maker with more than 15 years of experience in direct sales management. He previously... more »
  • Imagine you are sitting at home this evening and you hear the wind start to howl outside your door. You look out the window and see tree branches bending under the force of the wind. Your neighbor's trash can goes rolling on down the street. How you react to this might depend upon where you live. If you live in the Midwest, as I do, and the sky is sort of a funny shade of green, you head for the... more »
  • Everybody loves the idea of solar power-and the idea is certainly not new. It's never generated much electricity within the window and door business, however. In 20-plus years in the industry, I can count the number of times solar energy has come up in conversation with window and door executives on one hand. There's good reason. We're a practical bunch. We know solar power-photovoltaic... more »
  • You're at a meeting or job interview. You've just answered a difficult question or made an important point and are met with an unmovable silence. You wait, growing a bit uneasy, but the room remains deafeningly still. Most candidates rush in to fill the void by talking a blue streak. They'll do anything to end the silence, so they begin to qualify and expand on their previous answer hoping to... more »
  • Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door I have a feeling that with our lovely housing market in its current state, price negotiations between you and your customers or you and your suppliers have become even trickier than they were in the past. So my question this week is whether you’re finding that you can hold your own in pricing talks... more »
  • What is more expensive, a dollar now or twenty dollars three years from now? The timing of that question can influence the response, but in the end a company’s viewpoint must always be to the future. And, if future growth is the goal then the dollar now seems like a bargain. It is this precise issue that underlies quality control in any product manufacturing industry. Upfront expenses... more »