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  • Everybody loves the idea of solar power-and the idea is certainly not new. It's never generated much electricity within the window and door business, however. In 20-plus years in the industry, I can count the number of times solar energy has come up in conversation with window and door executives on one hand. There's good reason. We're a practical bunch. We know solar power-photovoltaic... more »
  • You're at a meeting or job interview. You've just answered a difficult question or made an important point and are met with an unmovable silence. You wait, growing a bit uneasy, but the room remains deafeningly still. Most candidates rush in to fill the void by talking a blue streak. They'll do anything to end the silence, so they begin to qualify and expand on their previous answer hoping to... more »
  • Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door I have a feeling that with our lovely housing market in its current state, price negotiations between you and your customers or you and your suppliers have become even trickier than they were in the past. So my question this week is whether you’re finding that you can hold your own in pricing talks... more »
  • What is more expensive, a dollar now or twenty dollars three years from now? The timing of that question can influence the response, but in the end a company’s viewpoint must always be to the future. And, if future growth is the goal then the dollar now seems like a bargain. It is this precise issue that underlies quality control in any product manufacturing industry. Upfront expenses... more »
  • Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door Ok, so if you’re not a huge fan of Ben Stein, just ignore the picture and focus instead on the message. In this blog, he shares a personal experience about some disappointing customer service and makes a valid point about willingness to work. Sure, we’re in an economic downturn, but... more »
  • John Swanson, editor/ associate publisher of Window & Door Speaking at the Home Improvement Research Institute’s spring conference last week, Kermit Baker, director of the remodeling futures program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, suggested that remodelers can do better in these difficult economic times by... more »
  • Next week, April 20-26, is National Window Safety Week—a great time for all window and door companies to reach out to the public with a message that can save lives. Many manufacturers have joined the campaign to educate people about the dangers of children playing around open windows with screens, as well as the important role windows play as a means of egress in a fire. What are some of... more »
  • What LEED for Homes and NAHB's Green Building Standard say about windows and doors
    What makes a window or door green? An Energy Star label? Certified wood components? Recycled content? Its orientation? Good installation practices? There is no one answer, but all these elements can help a product score points for builders of green homes. With the green building movement gaining momentum, numerous home rating programs have been started around the country, designed to help... more »
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    Velux launches solar water heating system
    The recent International Builders’ Show in February saw the first move of a major fenestration industry company in North America into the solar market. Velux America introduced a solar water heating system at the show that its parent company based in Denmark has been selling in Europe for years. “Solar water heating is another opportunity for individual homeowners to support the green... more »
  • You have had an aneurysm break in the back of your brain, between your brain and your skull. We are going to send you to the University of Colorado Hospital, where they will treat you." I stared at the Denver airport paramedic who had said this to me, trying to absorb it. My first thought, of course, was, "I can't go to the hospital; I am going to miss my flight." They did send me... more »