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  • Mulled windows are the darling of designers—“the introduction of light and the feeling of space”—you know what I mean. A proliferation of mulls done poorly, however, can represent an “Achilles’ heel” that can cause an otherwise vigorous company to falter. We have struggled with mulls through joinery and sealant concerns, education in the trades regarding... more »
  • Assessing what's best for the company's future, and your own, should be as tactful as running the business itself
    This article is the second in a three-part series about business transition planning and options. Effective planning prepares owners, heirs, employees and customers for future change. It sets the foundation for strategic and operational decision-making and aligns owners’ long-term needs with the goals and objectives of the company and its management. It also improves the opportunity for... more »
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    Demand for higher levels of energy efficiency will continue to push the envelope
    Consideration of daylighting is gaining momentum within energy codes. That was the theme of a column written by Julie Ruth in the March issue of Window & Door, and it is true. This article is designed to serve as a counterpoint, however, to her assertion that “according to the two predominant codes for energy efficient construction currently used in the United States, the ideal energy-... more »
  • While nonresidential market sees gains, declines in new housing and weakness in remodeling and replacement hit residential product sales
    With new home construction down and residential remodeling expenditures flat last year, window sales tumbled 5.3 percent in 2006, according to a new report from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association. Weak market conditions are expected to produce a further 9.4 percent decline this year, before sales pick up again in 2008. Prepared... more »
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    Manufacturers highlight energy efficiency at West Coast show
    San Francisco—If this year’s International Builders’ Show focused on aesthetics and differentiation, its West Coast counterpart, the PCBC: The Premier Building Show, took a different path. Exhibitors highlighted their products’ performance attributes front-and-center. The West Coast audience is arguably more performance-minded, particularly builders in California dealing... more »
  • Have you ever noticed that Home Depot locations are within a mile or two of a Lowe’s store? Or that when you see a McDonald's it’s usually within several blocks of a Burger King? These companies recognize that business success often results when you emulate your competitors’ best business practices. In a retail environment, this means location. Similarly, you need to determine... more »
  • According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 WDweekly recipients, 98 percent rate our coverage as “good” or better. In fact, 56 percent say we’re “very good” and another 15 percent score us as “excellent.” That was pretty great feedback to receive, but we’re not resting on our laurels. This week, we’re proud to introduce a new streamlined... more »
  • Coming to you from Charlotte, NC, this week, I’m beginning the second day of Profiles 2007, a conference looking at new technologies in plastic and composite building materials. We’ll report on the event next week, but much of the discussion is focusing on new developments and options for color in (or on top of) vinyl. There are already numerous options out on the market, of course,... more »
  • This should be a guiding principle in your business. Treating others as you would like to be treated is a fundamental approach to a successful business and a successful life. Applying this principle alone will save you more time and energy than you can imagine. It will open opportunities for new business, keep your existing customers happy and calling back to do more business with you, and allow... more »
  • It certainly isn’t getting any cheaper to make windows and doors, but is the market just too tight right now to even consider increasing your prices? Reading Masonite’s quarterly report, we learned the sweeping implications of the company’s 2006 price hike. The door manufacturer’s biggest customer, Home Depot, dropped it for a competitor, leaving Masonite to deal with... more »