Best Product Literature

2013 Crystal Achievement Award Winners


Large Manufacturer

  The Kolbe brochure is designed to resonate with the affluent consumer.

"We're for the visionaries" Consumer Brochure


Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Wausau, Wis.

Developed as part of a multi-faceted consumer campaign which has also been recognized with a Crystal Achievement Award this year, Kolbe & Kolbe's consumer product brochure is designed to resonate with the manufacturer’s targeted affluent consumer. The literate combines an upscale consumer face, tone and experience with the practical, as a customizable imprint on the back allows dealers to include their logo and contact information, making the consumer’s path from consideration to purchase easier.

In developing the brochure, Kolbe knew that if consumers were to consider the brand, it had to develop a product brochure they would respond to. Brochure elements were designed to create a piece that not only informs but inspires.

First person statements that relate to what the consumer is thinking help bring the "We're for the visionaries" message to life.

Kolbe used syndicated research to determine the target audience’s demographics, as well as their characteristics. Kolbe refined the brand message to resonate with this distinct group, defined as affluent women who see themselves as unique, knowledgeable and savvy when it comes to purchase decisions. Taking advantage of the brand’s lack of consumer recognition, the brochure positions Kolbe as exclusive, unknown to the masses, professionally preferred, and not for the mainstream, implying that Kolbe should be considered by those who demand the best for their homes.

The brochure copy brings the campaign’s ‘We’re for the visionaries’ message to life with first person statements that relate to what the consumer is thinking. These statements become even more personalized, depicted in a handwriting font. The personalization, combined with highlighted information about the company and the products consumers care about, results in a piece that successfully communicates that Kolbe is the better choice.

Not only did the brochure’s language have to appeal to Kolbe’s discriminating target consumer, so did the imagery. To bring the theme “We’re for the visionaries” to life visually, the brochure depicts beautiful product photography while incorporating images that convey a personal aesthetic and a high-end lifestyle. This combination shows how windows and doors can fit into consumers’s overall creative vision whether they prefer contemporary, rustic, or anything in between.


Small/Medium Manufacturer


  LaCantina Doors' product brochure is designed to inspire, educate, and provide homeowners with a basic understanding of how its folding door systems can transform space.

Product Brochure


LaCantina Doors

Oceanside, Calif.

Primarily targeted at end users/homeowners, the 32-page brochure highlights LaCantina Doors’ system types, applications, key features and benefits, options and product comparison. Designed to be elegant, thoughtful, visually rich and logically flowing, the piece is intended to inspire, educate and provide homeowners with a basic understanding of how LaCantina folding door systems can transform space and enhance their lifestyles.

The use of the gray/black tones on the cover allows the product image to “pop” and stand out. It also mirrors the manufacturer’s advertising campaign colors to create a cohesive thread, look and feel for all of LaCantina’s marketing pieces and to build synergy for brand equity. The brochure’s layout is horizontally oriented to accentuate the wideopen space the folding door images deliver. To stand out, the brochure is also a unique size, intended to be smaller than the typical 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

The brochure‘s layout was designed with a horizontal orientation to accentuate the wide open space our folding door images deliver.  

The opaque/black band on the product pages is a visual element for taglines and identification of system type, drawing your eye to the opening. This treatment also appears in other marketing efforts (website, in-store POP posters, dealer brochure) to provide increased brand awareness and brand identity. The use of the large image followed by smaller strip images highlights the folding door system in various stages of operation and conveys enhanced lifestyle. This design technique also appears in LaCantina’s advertising to create synergy within its literature.

Inspired by high-end automotive brochures, sections are devoted to standard options, including a color swatch chart, wood species, sill types, basic configurations, etc. The last page of the brochure consists of a product comparison chart that provides a quick summary of the most important factors homeowners should consider when determining which folding doors system would best suit their needs.



Industry Supplier

  Phantom not only refreshed the message and imagery in its brochures, it created a variety of materials to provide its distributors a wider selection of selling tools.

Product Literature Overhaul

Phantom Screens

Sumas, Wash.


In 2012, Phantom Screens conducted a brand audit to review how to enhance the experience for both its customers and its North American distributors. As a result, Phantom saw a need to update its brand message. The company decided to adopt a new tagline– ”Experience the moment”—to communicate the essence of the Phantom Screens brand. It also determined that it needed to refresh its existing product literature.

The primary goal was to provide a better set of selling tools to authorized distributors by enhancing the look and quality of its brochures/sales material, creating further differentiation from the competition and better explaining the brand story. The secondary purpose was to educate and inform the consumers, other partners and influencers in all products in order to facilitate effective purchase decisions.

Its featured piece is a 32-page catalog introducing Phantom's entire product line.

The company’s materials included pieces produced by Phantom and distributed through its network, with a target audience of consumers, OEM and commercial partners, architects, builders and specifiers. A selection of brochures in electronic format was printed regionally for smaller-scale home shows.

In putting together the new materials, the creative team aspired to capture a freeze frame or slice-of-life format that showcased the interaction with retractable screens in all aspects of the customers’ lifestyle. New imagery and photography helped provide the target audience with a simple, compelling story about the benefits of the Phantom product and its brand.




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Most Innovative Marketing Progam

Large Manufacturer
"We're for the visionaries" Consumer Campaign
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Small/Medium Manufacturer
Radio Campaign
Mathews Brothers Co.

Industry Supplier
Genius Ultra-Performance Window Launch
Deceuninck North America


Best Industry Website

Large Manufacturer
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Small/Medium Manufacturer
LaCantina Doors

Industry Supplier
Deceuninck North America



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