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The manufacturer launched its Ultra Series tilt/turn windows at IBS.  Combinomg an American flush-to-frame design with European functionality, the dual-action product can swing in for access and easy cleaning, or tilt in like a hopper for ventilitation, all with the simple turn of a handle, the supplier notes. At the show, Kolbe showed four Ultra tilt-turn units mulled together into an impressive 108-by-94-inch display. Black hardware and a recycled aluminum clad exterior painted in a Truffle color, enhance the European-inspired style.  The tilt/turn line features energy-efficient, double pane, insulating glass with LoE2-270 coating, which is standard on most Kolbe products. On the interior, choices include an engineered, laminated veneer bamboo product, as well as a wide range of wood species, including those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


The TerraSpan 90-degree corner door unit can be produced in a wide range of configurations, with panels stacking or pocketing into the wall.  On display at IBS, the door featured panels more than 9 feet tall, with the lift and slide door panels on the right side of the corner unit spanning 12 feet and the panels on the left side stretching more than 21 feet. The doors were constructed with an alder wood species with a rich Coffee Bean stain, square glazing bead, and rustic umber hardware. As part of the Ultra Series product line, the doors' exteriors are clad in low-maintenance, extruded aluminum that contains recycled content.

www.kolbe-kolbe.com | 715/842-5666




The manufacturer is launching a range of factory-applied stain finishes. as well as a factory-applied clear finish on its wood and clad wood windows and doors, at IBS this year. These new factory interior finishes join an existing option for a factory-applied painted interior finish.  The new stains are applied using a multi-step process that takes place before the window or door is assembled. Each individual piece of wood is sanded, conditioned and stained, the manufacturer explains. Then the finished pieces are clear-coated, sanded a second time and clear-coated a second time, providing an ideal finish.  Stain options include Honey, Wheat, Hazelnut, Cabernet, Espresso and Leather, in addition to the option for a clear coat.  The factory-applied interior stain and clear finishes are available on pine, white oak, cherry, Douglas fir, cedro macho, mahogany and vertical grain Douglas fir.

A new square sticking interior profile option from Marvin is designed to meet the demand for clean, contemporary design. A clean, squared-off transition is a favorite look these days among many homeowners and designers, the manufacturer notes. The simple interior sightlines produced by square sticking offer a beautiful viewing frame–whether a project features the large expanses of glass and minimal detailing used in contemporary design, or employs the streamlined ornamentation of the Arts & Crafts style. With square sticking available on nearly all Marvin products, homeowners and designers can be sure of design continuity with any existing windows and doors. Square sticking is also available on simulated divided lite bars.

www.marvin.com | 888/537-7828



The Lemieux Torrefied Collection of wood entry doors undergoes a unique treatment process, enabling the wood to face up to the elements, direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold, the company reports. In an all natural process, the wood is heated over time in order to eliminate its tendency to rot. It also makes the doors far more structurally stable, and highly resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. From Masonite, the doors carry a 20-year guarantee against warping, twisting, rotting or delamination. The series is available in each of Lemieux's 10,000+ design options, including 4 foot maximum widths and 8 foot heights heights, with available matching exterior jambs, brickmoulding and T-astragals..


An SDL Kit enables homeowners to create a new look for a Masonite clear or textured glass door. Intuitively designed, the pieces snap into place to form the grid configuration and align perfectly with the manufacturer's lite frames, it states.  Kits, including a set for inside and outside the door, are available in smooth or textured in white, almond and mahogany, with standard and Prairie configurations.  The SDLs can be painted or stained and are applied with a strong, weather-resistant adhesive tape.



Two new modern, textured glasses bring natural light indoors without sacrificing privacy and protection.  Chord glass features an organic linear style, while Pear glass is a classic modeled texture glass.  Both feature a continuous textured pattern that provides an understated, elegant look. Supplied as in energy efficient triple pane glass units, the glass lites are supplied with an energy saving low-e coating on surface #2 in the U.S. and an energy saving low-e coating and argon gas fill in Canada.



Masonite has expanded its West End Collection of residential interior doors designed to complement streamlined, contemporary décors. The new Hamel door design features strong horizontal and vertical lines to add symmetry and character, while appealing to the current ‘less is more’ aesthetic, the company states. Simple and streamlined in appearance, the Hamel door is available in 80- and 84-inch heights, as well as matching bi-fold doors. Each door features a primed hardboard finish, ready to paint to complement any color scheme. Perfect for lofts, homes, offices and commercial spaces in urban settings, the clean design is also well-suited to a variety of hardware styles and placements.

www.masonite.com | 800/663-3667




The Prestige Collection matches premium fiberglass entry doors with frames, jamb, and brickmould in a mahogany grain. The collection brings MasterGrain's nickel vapor deposition technology for precisely capturing surface details on the doors to other system components, creating a consistent look across the entire door system. The company plans to expand the offering in the summer to include oak, cherry and fir grain finishes. 

705-527-2939 | www.mastergrain.com




The manufacturer of large opening wall systems featured the NanaWall SL73 Miami Dade/AAMA Hurricane Folding System designed for coastal communities. The folding door system is available for custom heights up to 10 feet and widths of 38 feet and is said to provide maximum storm protection for single-story and mid-rise buildings.  It can be supplied with ADA saddle sills.

The NanaWall HSW66 SwingSlide, a sliding glass wall with a center swing French door, is now available in unlimited widths. The unit looks and functions like a typical French door with fixed sidelites, but both the operable doors and sidelites can slide away to create an unobstructed opening when desired.

The NanaWall WA67 T system meets Passive House standards, among the most demanding energy performance requirements in the world, the company states.  The door system offers a U-value of .17 and a SHGC of .26 thanks to triple glazing, argon-filled low-E glass and insulation, making the product well suited for colder climates.

Also on display was the Structurally Glazed Folding System SL82, which provides an uninterrupted glass façade, combined with the weather resistance and overall performance of heavy-duty back-mounted folding frames, the company reports.

www.nanawall.com | 800/873-5673 




An advanced door design protects every Neuma Door Patio Door System from water infiltration on all sides, which prevents warping, delamination, rotting and the development of mold and mildew, the company reports.  Features include high-impact fiberglass door skins, waterproof composite edging, full composite frames with each and every door system, and high performance composite jambs for higher impact and water protection.  Hinged doors have sweeps with three layers of weatherstripping, while gliding doors feature a unique interlocking seal for superior performance. Both hinged and gliding doors also feature an innovative weephole cover and threshold design.  Pre-finish options include smooth white, golden oak, medium oak, dark mahogany and white woodgrain.

www.neumadoors.com | 866/366-7715




The On Hand In-Door Storage and Communication System combines a cabinet with a customizable activity panel system offering convenient and versatile storage built into one side of an interior door and decoration and communication opportunities on the other. With the cabinet side, homeowners can keep items they wish to store and organize right in the door, readily at hand, such as pantry items, crafting materials, and laundry and bath supplies. Shelves are easy-to-adjust and reversible, and can accommodate large, soup-style cans and a wide range of containers and packaged goods. An included support bar can also be installed as a hanger bar and used with the included hooks as an additional storage option for hanging lightweight objects. A marker board activity panel on the opposite side is a framed sheet of clear glass with a removable white deco board that can be personalized as a display and personal expression venue or as a planning and communication center. Homeowners can personalize the deco board with fabric, photographs, calendars or other materials, and write messages directly on the glass marker board using dry-erase markers. The removable activity panel allows homeowners to change the deco board as often or as seldom as desired. Homeowners may also choose an optional magnetic chalkboard activity panel, on which they can write notes and attach items with magnets.


ODL also featured two new doorlite designs, Inglenook and Grace, additions to its nature-inspired Craftsman and traditional Classic collections, respectively.  The Inglenook style, pictured left, offers a prominent, geometric design featuring clear soft wave and micro-iced granite glass with clear bevels and ruby red floral accents. Inglenook features patina caming.  The new Grace style uses a combination of granite, micro-granite, micro-cubed and clear bevels. The flowing center pattern includes soft, delicate edges that highlight the elegant structure of the glass panel. The patterns are available with nickel caming.

Your Door Stylizer allows homeowners to visualize how various ODL doorlite options will look in their home entryways. Users simply upload their home photos (or choose from pre-loaded sample home photos) and then customize their entryway with the online tool by choosing among an array of doorglite options and shapes. Their doorglass selections instantly appear in the image as part of the homeowner’s entryway, the supplier explains.  After the final entryway image has been created, users can share the project via email or social media. They also have the option to save the image to an online account or print it for later reference. The printed project summary can then be taken to the point of purchase for ordering or further exploration.

www.odl.com | 800/253-3900




The manufacturer of custom window and door systems for the luxury market is featuring its brand new S-60 Thermally Broken Bi-Folding Door, S.94 Wall System and TS.677 Window at IBS.  Complementing its existing thermally-broken pivot doors and lift & slide systems, the new lines enables Panda Windows & Doors to serve as a one-stop shop for all a project's needs. Designed for improved weather performance while maintaining high resistance to the elements and structurally strength, the thermally-broken systems feature a polyamide iso-bar as the joining material used inside their thick extruded aluminum frames to decrease thermal conductivity. The new bi-fold doors have achieved NFRC-certified 0.26 U-value and 0.18 SHGC ratings, the company reports.

Panda is also introducing its new line of Operable Wall Systems, which are multiple panel door systems that operate along a single recessed channel track system. The tracking system used with this line allows many panels to span a large opening and eliminates the need to stack the tracks which can create a large jamb width requirement. These systems are available frameless (S.91), or framed in wood-clad (S.93), all-wood (S.95), all-aluminum (S.96), and thermally broken (S.94).

www.panda-windows.com | 702/643-5700




The 1500 Vinyl Collection is a new product line from Ply Gem Windows for the Eastern U.S. new construction market. Designed to simplify product selection, the line—including single-hung, sliding, picture and architectural shape styles—consolidates many of the manufacturer’s vinyl window options into one platform, with a common sash and common sizing. The collection offers new features for easier installation, more customization options and better performance, according to the company. Installation features include jamb alignment clips to help center the unit in the opening; an easy-to-remove meeting rail with a clip and anchor, ideal for drywall installations; an integral J-channel and optional double utility trim for simple siding installation; plus integral mulls, accessory groove for extensions and receivers, and a protective construction film. To fit specific design needs, the line is offered with brickmould, beveled and flat frame options in three colors: white, beige and clay. The windows also meet the 2014 Energy Star Version 6 requirements, and can be configured to meet R-5 performance, the company reports.

888/975-9436 | www.1500vinylcollection.com


Products are presented by exhibitor, alphabetically. Follow the following links to see information from other companies:


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