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2013 Crystal Achievement Award Winners




The USB charging system changes windows from energy savers to energy producers.

Solutions by Veka


Veka Inc.

Fombell, Pa.

The wireless device market, including cell phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets and laptops,―is expected to grow by a factor of 10 by the year 2020. Along with this growth will come an exponential increase of wireless chargers, commonly referred to as “energy vampires.” Solutions by Veka provides a method of charging portable devices by integrating USB and charging pads into windows that are powered by batteries charged via small solar panels mounted to the exterior.

A solar charger is nothing more than a solar collector that charges a battery, which in turn charges a device through a USB port. In the simplest form, the solar collector can be attached with screws to the outside of the window and a wire passed through the frame or sash opening to a charging station. The battery would be housed in one of the window profile hollows/recesses, and the USB hub could be flush mounted on the inside face of the window frame at the sill, or lower portion of either or both jambs.

For operable units, the sash can be wired in or designed to connect a circuit and charge while in the closed and locked position. The Solutions by Veka products can work equally well in wood, aluminum and fiberglass windows for both residential and commercial applications. In addition, windows with solar charging devices could be theoretically designed to produce net zero energy windows, highly favored by green building programs such as LEED, IgCC, ASHRAE, LCA and others.


  The self-adjusting sill maintains the look of traditional sills.


Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill


Endura Products

Colfax, N.C.

The Z-series Articulating Cap Sill addresses a problem that companies have been trying to solve for years: poor contact between the door bottom and sill once the house settles. Many homeowners do not know how to adjust their door bottom. Many builders don’t either.

The new sill solves the problem by eliminating the need for such adjustments. A spring-loaded sill cap and a custom door bottom combine to provide a self-adjusting entry door sill system that overcomes real-world conditions. By selfadjusting— articulating 1/8 inch under any conditions— the ZAC cap and door bottom eliminates the need for a builder or homeowner to use traditional adjustment screws to fine-tune the seal between the sill and the door bottom. The new cap and door bottom can also be retrofitted to any of Endura’s installed Z Series sills to address problem installations in the field.

This video shows how the spring-loaded sill cap seals up against the specially-designed door bottom.


Glass/Glazing Component

  View glass uses electrochromic technology enabling users to regulate the amount of light and heat that enters a room.


View Dynamic Glass


View Inc.

Milpitas, Calif.


The company’s flagship product, View Dynamic Glass can automatically switch between clear and various tinted states in response to the environment—eliminating the need for blinds, shades or other obstructive window treatments. The glass uses electrochromic technology to offer consumers the ability to regulate the amount of light and heat that enters a building.

The glass features a solid-state coating with nano-layers of metal oxides. A low voltage applied to the glass causes ions to move between layers of material, changing the glass from clear to tinted—and anywhere in between. Glass tints can be programmed and controlled, based on predictive algorithms, to determine the position of the sun with respect to the façade throughout the day. The consumer can also manually control the tint in real time to maintain the precise temperature and brightness desired. View Dynamic Glass is currently the only product to use this kind of predictive technology, the supplier states.

The glass has passed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s durability test with no degradation, so it will last for 30 years or more, even in harsh conditions. Although dynamic glass has been available in the past, no manufacturer has been able to produce at the size and scale that View is now ready to provide, including 5-foot x 10-foot dynamic glass lites that do not require a bus bar, the company reports.



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