Most Innovative Machine

2013 Crystal Achievement Award Winners


Glass/IG Processing


  The applicator can be supplied as part of a complete line that also accommodates grid application, secondary sealing and gas filling.

Erdman 400 Series Spacer Applicator


Erdman Automation Corp.

Princeton, Minn.

Designed to offer a low-cost alternative for insulating glass production, the Erdman 400 series spacer applicator works with all flexible spacer systems, applying the spacer straight with true 90° corners. The machine also requires minimal operator training and no data input for standard operation.

The equipment’s simple design allows for significant cost savings over other automated spacer application systems, yet it enables lowskill- set level personnel to produce high quality IG units consistently, according to the machinery supplier. The unit increases quality through consistent spacer offset from edge of glass, which in turn guarantees that the desired amount of secondary sealant is applied. It also eliminates operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries, Erdman reports.

The applicator increases productivity due to a consistently quick cycle time and significantly reduces waste of spacer when compared to typical manual operations.

The machine also provides the option for accurate grid placement via slicing the spacer prior to application to the glass.



  The saw is designed for flexibility, enabling users to switch quickly between products.

Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication

SMI-LP-DM90-F Automatic Double Miter Saw with Inline Fabrication


Stürtz Machinery

Twinsburg, Ohio

The SMI-LP-DM90-F automatic double miter saw with inline fabrication is the latest development in the Stürtz line of high speed, high production fabrication saws. The customer can select between two different standard blade diameters to meet its specific cutting needs. The smaller blade is best for typical frame and sash profiles, while the larger blade is ideal for large jamb extension and brickmould profiles.

The saw accommodates two different blade sizes.  

Flexibility to switch between products was a key factor in the development of the LP-DM saw series. Tabletop tooling can be changed out quickly and easily when switching from one product to another. The blade angle automatically adjusts from 45° to 90° based on the profile ID and production file information. This saves material when subsequent jamb and sill notching is required for sloped sill products.

Stürtz also offers two fabrication options on the new LPDM90- F. One configuration uses fixed tools for dedicated product fabrication. The second option allows additional flexibility with servo driven tools that can be used on multiple products, but increase cycle time. The window manufacturer can weigh the benefits of cycle time versus flexibility to get the most out of its equipment investment.

The feed system is designed for superior accuracy and repeatability.

In addition to flexibility, the supplier’s linear motordriven feed system―combined with a unique closed loop, absolute measuring system―provides the most accurate cut length and fabrication location repeatability available, according to the machinery supplier.



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Most Innovative Window

Large Manufacturer
VSS No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight
Velux America

Small/Medium Manufacturer
Hybridex and Tri-Bridex Windows with 5 Seal Defense System
Durabuilt Windows & Doors



Most Innovative Door

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Lemieux Torrefied Door Collection
Masonite International Corp.

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Series 9600 Four-Track Sliding Vinyl Door
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Most Innovative Component

Solutions by Veka USB Charging System
Veka Inc.

Z-Series Articulating Cap Sill
Endura Products Inc.

Glass/Glazing Component
View Dynamic Glazing
View Inc.






Most Innovative Plant

Solar Innovations




Most Innovative Marketing Progam

Large Manufacturer
"We're for the visionaries" Consumer Campaign
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Small/Medium Manufacturer
Radio Campaign
Mathews Brothers Co.

Industry Supplier
Genius Ultra-Performance Window Launch
Deceuninck North America


Best Product Literature

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"We're for the visionaries" Consumer Brochure
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Small/Medium Manufacturer
Product Brochure
LaCantina Doors

Industry Supplier
Product Literature Overhaul
Phantom Screens


Best Industry Website

Large Manufacturer
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc.

Small/Medium Manufacturer
LaCantina Doors

Industry Supplier
Deceuninck North America



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