Bonneville Adds Accoya Wood Option

October 5, 2010

Targeting growing demand for green, Bonneville Windows & Doors is now offering Accoya wood as an option on all its products. "Set to revolutionize home building and change the face of window design, Accoya is the world’s leading high technology wood that exceeds the durability, stability and beauty of premium tropical hardwoods," states Fran├žois Chevarie, vice president of operations for the Quebec-based window manufacturer.

According to its supplier, Titan Wood Ltd., the Accoya wood production process, based on wood acetylation, does not introduce anything into the wood that does not already naturally occur within it, but the resulting change in the wood’s chemistry makes it more durable, stable and reliable.

"It’s the future of eco-friendly windows and boasts an array of green credentials," Chevarie states.  "We believe that it will excite [the] designer, architect, contractor and obviously customer that are looking for a product with high performance and durability."

The treated wood aligns with consumers' desire to go green in many ways, Chevarie continues.  It is reusable, recyclable and a natural wood product. It is produced from fast-growing and abundantly-available species, such as radiata pine, compared to traditional slow-growing hardwoods. It is offered with a 50 year warranty and is particularly suited for homes in locales where windows take a beating, such as near the ocean or lakes or in the mountains.