Hy-Lite/US Block Reports Sales Increase

May 28, 2010

In an encouraging sign of economic rebound, Hy-Lite/U S Block Windows sales during the second quarter of 2010 increased more than 30 percent compared to the same time frame in 2009.  “Sales started rising steadily in early April and have continued on an upward pattern since then,” says Roger Murphy, president. “We are seeing some of our strongest sales of acrylic block and decorative glass windows in the manufactured housing market and in the specific geographic areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia."

Both the company’s privacy and decorative windows are equally gaining strength in 2010, Murphy notes. In addition to a strengthening economy, he attributes part of this growth to expanded nationwide sales representation that has earned his company more presence in a wider variety of distribution channels. Additionally, be believes his company’s purchase of Hy-Lite Products, Inc. a year ago has also earned his company more visibility and product awareness.

“The Hy-Lite acquisition allowed us to increase our product offerings, expand our geographic markets and increase our customer base,” says Murphy. “It provided us with an entrance into new market channels, such as movie and television set design, interior wall applications and component product sales. We’ve also been able to successfully grow our international sales by exporting to Australia, Japan and Canada.”

Government incentives to homeowners and homebuyers have positively impacted his company’s business in 2010, Murphy also suggests. “Our sales to the manufactured housing segment have been very strong every month of this year,” he says. “I believe this was likely spurred by the first time home buyers tax credit that has motivated many first time homeowners to purchase manufactured homes.

“In addition, we’re seeing higher sales of our energy efficient windows compared to 2009. This is due to energy code requirements for new construction in some states and our ability to provide energy efficient acrylic block windows for homes.”

Another factor in the business growth at Hy-Lite/U S Block Windows comes from a decision made in 2009 to move all Hy-Lite vinyl extrusion purchases and acrylic block manufacturing out of China and back into the United States. Based in Pensacola, Fla., the company now promotes its acrylic block products as “Made in the USA” and has received strong support from its customers for making the move, it reports.

“When we acquired Hy-Lite we learned much of the company’s acrylic block and vinyl extrusion manufacturing was being done in China,” says Murphy, “We immediately launched plans to bring those processes and jobs back to America.

“Now we successfully purchase all our vinyl extrusions from extruders in the United States. We manufacture Hy-Lite acrylic blocks at our own company facility in Florida. With our recent growth in product demand, it means more jobs for American workers rather than jobs being sent overseas.”