Simonton Expanding Workforce

April 23, 2012

Simonton Windows is looking to add more than 250 workers at its plants in West Virginia, Illinois and California. The manufacturer of vinyl windows and patio doors is planning to add full-time production personnel in the areas of glass, glazing, vinyl and loading operations, it reports.

At present, Simonton is looking to add 160 workers at its facilities in West Virginia, 75 workers at its plant in Paris, Ill., and 20 workers in Vacaville, Calif. The company has already added 40 full-time workers in West Virginia and 30 people in Ilinois.

“There are several positive factors at play here," reports Tony Atzbach, a plant manager in West Virginia.  Among them, he notes, the company consolidated some of its operations into the West Virginia and Illnios facilities late in 2011, resulting in expanded workloads at these plants.

"Also, Simonton launched the new Asure line of energy-efficiency replacement windows and patio doors within the past few weeks," he notes. "This product line’s success has positively affected manufacturing operations at our facilities.”