Green Products Association Forming

February 15, 2010

The Green Roundtable/Nexus, a Boston-based non-profit green building organization, is forming the Green Products Association. The organization is described as "the first inclusive platform to represent the entire life-cycle of products from construction through operations."

Starting with Xerox, CBC Flooring, Jandris & Sons and Bostik as founding members, GPA is also partnering with UL Environment, which will provide third-party product certification and validation. The group is being formed partially in response to a Nexus survey of its 16,000 building industry participants which found the majority of respondents stated that "access to unbiased product information" was the predominant issue for making informed decisions.

"The mission of the GPA is to lead an industry-wide market transformation so that building products meet a continuously increasing level of sustainability throughout their life cycle," officials report.  "The vision of GPA is that all products used in the built environment will be green, and that their performance criteria and metrics will be visible to all."

GPA’s first event is a roundtable discussion at Nexus in Boston, led by Bill Walsh from the Healthy Building Network’s Pharos Project and Barbra Batshalom of Nexus and GPA on “Transparency & Trends in Green Building Products.” This discussion is for architects, designers, manufacturers, distributors and other professionals involved in the specification of green products.

It reports it is currently accepting founding members through March, with information available at