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  • Recent code editions previously have prescribed requirements for minimum sill heights in new construction to lessen the risk of a fall through a window opening. That minimum height may be avoided if the opening is filled with a window that will not open, or if the unit is equipped with a fall prevention device, such as a window opening control device (WOCD). While jurisdictions across the country... more »
  • The Affordable Care Act requires reporting of the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored coverage on an employee's W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. According to Internal Revenue Service Notice 2010-69, reporting was optional for all employers in 2011 and for employers issuing less than 250 W-2 forms in 2012. However, reporting will be required on the W-2 form issued in January 2013 for... more »
  • As the economy–fingers crossed–starts to pick up again and consumers find themselves motivated to spend hard-earned dollars, window and door companies will hire more employees. If you're in that position, you’ll want to hire the “right” person. And to help find the "right person," your  company may be planning to perform background checks. Background... more »
  • If it’s technically true, then I can get away with claiming it. Or can I? Not necessarily, according to the Federal Trade Commission. In an action this past February, the FTC charged five window companies with making deceptive energy efficiency and cost savings representations, including energy savings claims of “up to” 50 percent. The government found such claims were... more »
  • If you have ever tried to run an internet search for your business name to see what pops up under the results, you might notice “sponsored advertising” links above, below or next to the search results. In those sponsored listings, you might also notice these ads are using your business name or identifying your product in the advertisement itself, even though you are in no way... more »
  • Courts have been revisiting a hot issue in the construction industry—whether or not a commercial general liability (CGL) policy provides coverage for damage to property caused by faulty workmanship. In a recent case, a majority in the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that claims for repair of poor workmanship alone are not covered by insurance. The primary reason is that CGL policies are... more »
  • A growing number of window manufacturers have fallen prey to lawsuits which include allegations that an individual homeowner claim is being brought on behalf of a much larger “class” of consumers. Even the risk of certification allowing a case to proceed as a class action can create a very serious situation. The tools for managing this risk have been elusive. However, the United... more »
  • Window manufacturers need to pay attention to a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling. Its decision in the case of Fresh Coat Inc. v. K-2 Inc. makes it more important than ever to establish clear, bright lines of roles and responsibilities between manufacturers and re-sellers. The State of Texas has a statute providing that a “manufacturer shall indemnify and hold harmless a seller against a... more »
  • "Warning: Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear." Many window and door manufacturers arealready looking at the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rules addressing lead and necessary precautions for the work in their rearview mirror. Through the efforts of many, however, enforcement of the regulations was pushed back until October of this year. Before we get too far away from... more »