Satellite XT from Emmegi

Emmegi USA

Ph: 201/935-0200

The Satellite XT from Emmegi USA Inc. is a 5-axis CNC machining center with moving gantry structure. On display in Las Vegas, the machine is designed for milling, drilling, and cutting thread, bars or large pieces of aluminum, PVC, light alloys and steel. The moving gantry features a precision rack and pinion drive. The high-powered electrically driven spindle with HSK-40E tool holder allows fast and accurate machining operations, Emmegi reports. The machine can be used in double mode to minimize machine downtime, as it is possible to load and unload simultaneously. It is also possible to machine different work pieces between the two work areas. Emmegi provides a guard with the gantry to protect the operator and reduce the noise impact on the environment, the exhibitor reports. Booth #2629