Products: Shipping, Handling & Packaging

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    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    Doorframer Inc.’s 4-inch universal hinge protector and spacer can be used on interior and exterior doors to prevent damage during shipping and handling.  The design is set over the hinge and secured with two staples through the flap, and provides a cushion between doors when they are packed for shipping.  It provides a protective covering over screws pushing through the door... more »
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    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    A film-over-foam option from CannTec adapts to the company’s current Orbital Stretch Wrapper models. For long parts such as anodized aluminum extrusions that are easily scratched, the first layer of soft polyethylene foam adds an extra soft cushion, which is then over-wrapped by a tough-skin of standard pre-stretched clear stretch film. The stretch film process uses no heat or ovens and... more »
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    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    A three-sided edge protection product designed to protect windows and doors, UChannel is laminated paperboard manufactured with a single-piece seamless construction that can be formed to provide a wide variety and range of base widths and leg heights. Seamless one-piece construction means no rivets that can scratch product and no bottom overlap. Suited for protecting the edges of all types and... more »