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  • Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    The new Rotox EPA 470-S CNC provides an economical path to precision cleaning of frame and sash corners on specialty and standard PVC window products, the supplier states. Previously such products have been cleaned by hand, limiting quality and consistency. The new cleaner includes seven CNC tools for both internal and external cleaning of specialty window products such as garden windows,... more »
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    Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    With several new and innovative features, the SV 840 corner cleaner offers very flexible processing possibilities at extremely short cycle times, the manufacturer states. Three-dimensional processing allows cleaning outside the 45° miter, including trapeze processing and machining of a covered sash rebate belt. The machine’s modern set up allows additional tools to be inserted easily.... more »
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    Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    The hamos WRS complete PVC window recycling system removes contamination such as rubber, plasticized PVC, wood, metal, glass and other foreign substances from ground PVC automatically, the manufacturer states. The flexible design of the line enables processing of off-cuts from both PVC profiles and also from used windows. Due to the high quality and purity of the window regrind produced, this... more »
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    Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    The ColorTru decorative foil bonding system from GED Integrated Solutions replaces painting by automatically transferring solid color and woodgrain foil to vinyl profiles, the supplier states. With unlimited graphic, color and design capabilities, the foils are comprised of multiple layers of ink that do not interfere with the welding process. The machine automatically transfers the foil, using... more »
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    Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    The SV-410 single-head CNC cleaner is designed to provide cleaning flexibility for all areas of any frame or sash profile at an affordable price. Featuring automatic profile recognition and precision CNC motion control, the unit is equipped standard with a programmable disk cutter, top and bottom horizontal scarfing knives, vertical inside scarfing knives, top and bottom and vertical drilling/... more »
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    Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    Linear-Pro fabrication saws use parallel processing to enable window manufacturers to meet increasingly higher capacity numbers while also increasing the number of fabrication operations being preformed in line with the cutting process, the supplier explains. From Stürtz Machinery, the new line features “Flying Bridge Technology” to deliver the fabrication time... more »