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  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    A new horizontal four point automatic welder will be featured by Ameri-Can Machinery Ltd. in Las Vegas. The four welding heads move automatically by means of a brushless motor, while a tape conveyor unloads the finished frame. The welder is constructed on a highly rigid machine bed and enables users to program melting time and temperature, welding time, and positioning speed of the heads.... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    A new “plug and play” extrusion system from Cincinnati Milacron offers wood/fiber composite extruders a turnkey approach enabling quick market entry and rapid online production, the company reports. The system is capable of producing 1 to 2 metric tons of material per hour, with a simplified, easy to operate control system. It can be setup with single or multiple extrusion lines and... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The DM200R 12-inch double-end trim cut-off saw, with optional lineal powerfeed for length, is new from CTD Machines Inc. The table powerfeed moves the right sawhead via an electric motor, and has hand controls for direction, speed and fine adjustments. A rapid mode handles quick movement from one dimension to another. It comes standard with 2 hp, 3-phase motors; a magnetic starter; power downfeed... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The CNC feed thru extrusion fabrication cell from Progressive Systems Inc. accommodates aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood/composites and allows for vertical or horizontal fabrication. It features an automatic component loading walking beam magazine, automatic pusher grippers and a server pusher that operates at 2,000 inches per minute. The machine can trim, endmill, rout, punch and drill. It... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The compact sash line from Stürtz Machinery Inc. can produce up to 900 welded and cleaned sash per shift with one operator in less than 1,200 square feet of space, the supplier reports. The line consists of two horizontal four-point sash welders—each automatically unloaded via a single tier belt system. Welded sash are transferred onto a twin tier buffer and transport table which... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The Profile360, which can be used in-line for vinyl window and door extrusions, provides automatic, high-speed, non-contact measurement for complex profiles. The system enables line operators to immediately observe and react to manufacturing problems, production managers to review historical run data, and quality control managers to better understand factors that cause variation, the supplier... more »