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    A CNC router from Accurate Tool & Die offers a new optional W axis with precise push through, ideal for patio doors up to 10 feet in height, the company reports. With a 3.25 HP motor, the machine is 261¼2 inches long, 35 inches wide and 83 inches high. Travel on the X-axis is available as an option, as is a fully automated guard enclosure. It features a Windows-based programming... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The new line of SmartVinyl production equipment and software incorporates the lean manufacturing capabilities of i-3 Technology. The line is part of GED Integrated Solutions’ vision of a SmartPlant, integrating glass and vinyl production with LeanNet software solutions to help manufacturers gain control and eliminate confusion on the production floor. The new line features the SmartClean i-... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The KD 658 four-point welder from ATech automatically welds vinyl frame and sash profiles at 90°. The machine uses a Siemens computer system that has enough memory capacity for more than 200 profile configurations with eight parameters per profile—melting, welding and retaining time, height, width, profile number, color information, fixture number and manufacturer code. The machine... more »