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    Door & Window Hardware
    The new Bronze line of handles from Hoppe North America is produced using an investment casting process said to offer greater design flexibility, tighter tolerances, and functionally superior parts. Exquisite definition with detailed undercuts can be achieved as a result of the design sophistication of the mold itself, the supplier states. The handles are burnished and then given a warm and rich... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Design House has added three new finish options to its TruMatch hardware system. In addition to the existing four finish options, the company will now offer Statuary Bronze, Antique Brass and Rustic Pewter finishes. The TruMatch system allows homeowners and builders to ensure that hardware fixtures from ceiling fans to doorknobs match. more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The e-Lockbolt from G-U Hardware allows doors to be equipped with both electronic access control and multipoint locking. Also available for standard deadbolt and latch, the hardware is designed to meet stand-alone access control needs, requiring no wiring while offering low battery consumption. more »